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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Learning About Vitamins For Kids, Ocean Animals

Caitlin has started studying ocean animals. While there are millions of them in the ocean, we have been focusing on a few. The cute video below explains what makes a fish, a fish. They have other ones available, and I will post another tomorrow. DJ is learning about vitamins, tomorrow for Health class. Finding a video that explains the vitamins, rather than why you should take them, or not take them, was not easy. The cute video below will help your young learner identify the various vitamins their bodies need to survive, in simple uncomplicated format.

Lesson Plans For 02/18/10:

Valentines Day Party at Ms Kristy's house from 10-12

Health: All about vitamins
Cursive Writing
Math: Fractions, division
Language Arts: Root words, antonyms, question busters
Sign Language: Numbers 1-20

Picture Story
Printing Practice
Sign Language: Numbers 1-20
Reading: HOP Sam and the Mitt
Math: Recognizing numbers
Site Words
Flash card work
Animal Book: Ocean animals
Phonics: Beginning sounds


Kristy said...

As always...great videos Ms. Melissa! We loved the one on the fish and what makes a fish a fish. The vitamin one was cool too.

Melissa said...

Glad you enjoyed them Ms Kristy

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