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Friday, February 5, 2010

Fun Friday The Letter P: Playing With Pictures

It is Fun Friday again, at our Blogging For Fun group. We are working on an A to Z meme, and we are up to the letter P. Again, I could not figure out what I wanted to do, so many choices. I was going to do Pollination, and Plant parts, but I already covered that for school. Check out the cool videos in the archives. So I decided on Playing with Pictures. These are some funny pictures we have taken over the past few months. I am going to tell you what all these crazy pictures are.

1- No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is my five year old sleeping in my laundry basket. I have no idea why she thought that was fun, but she did.

2- My two year old crazy lab mix, male dog. He is not camera shy at all, get right up in there.

3- We can't afford a real pony, so Caitlin has to gallop around the house on a fake one. I don't know who thought these were a good idea, but I think they should be hung out to dry.

4- My six month old crazy puppy doing laps around the frozen pool, probably to keep warm. Crazy is popular at my house.

5- My very frozen pool, with lots of algae, that is no more, with a nice shiny new one to take its place any day now. This is for all you who didn't believe me that it was frozen. I wish I had a picture of the snow, they got south of us.

6- DJ decided he wanted to paint a masterpiece on his own face, thank goodness it was washable marker.

7- My husbands idea of a classy haircut. It didn't last long trust me.

8- Since we have no snow, the kids made sand angels where the pool used to be. It is kind of hard to see with DJ's shadow in the way.

That is it for now, with my playing with pictures. We had to cancel our trip to the Medieval Fair, due to high wind warnings, and rain will be here any time now. It stinks, but my husband and I have another plan. It is always to have a back up plan when you have disappointed kids.


Anne said...

My kids like to sit in the laundry basket too. I don't know why. I love the haircut! How wacky. Trust me, you don't miss the snow. It is fun the first time, but after that it gets old really fast.

Kristy said...

Ok...I love these pics! Caitlin is so cute in the laundry basket and DJ with that crazy haircut. I was laughing out loud. Thanks for sharing all of the fun pics.

Femmepower said...

OMG, is that DJ's hair on picture 7? hahaha what was your husband thinking? I love all your crazy pictures.Caitlin looks so cute sleeping in the hamper.

Leomar said...

The photo of Caitlin in the laundry basket is so cute. Well, all the pictures are. Great post, Melissa!

Ebie said...

OMG, the haircut! It is crazy indeed! Caitlin look so cute in the basket.

It is so fun to see these family photos.

Tes said...

Oh wow, those are precious! DJs hair is wild...hahaha love it! Another advantage of being home schooled, you have an option to go wild! *wink* Love Caitlin's cute picture! Adorable!

Melissa said...

Thanks guys, yeah we can go wild, but it didn't last long. He had a mohawk at one point too. I did let that go for about a month or so, before I made them shave it off completely. I don't want to inhibit their sense of self, but sometimes I have to say no. A big X on the back of his head, was a bit much.

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