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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What Do You Consider A Hero?

Sometimes something irks me so much, I could just scream. What is the definition of a Hero? According the the dictionary a hero is a person noted for feats of courage, or nobility of purpose. Last Friday in Austin, TX a man slammed his personally owned airplane into the IRS building. This man had a website, with lots of ranting about paying taxes, tax codes, and how the IRS was bleeding him dry, and violence was the only answer. So he set his home on fire, possibly with his wife, and step daughter inside, then drove to his plane, got in his plane, and took a nose dive into the IRS building. As if that was not bad enough, and thank goodness only one person was killed, besides this less than stable man, his adult daughter got on national TV, and professed to how her father was a hero, and now maybe something would be done. She also professed that she had these same anti government sentiments, as her father. So how does taking your plane, and slamming it into a public building, where absolutely not one person in that building has anything to do with how the tax laws are written, or enforced? They are doing a job, just like we all do jobs. Why do these people live here? If you don't like to pay taxes, that badly, why not just leave. You would live as a king in a third world country. By the way if you paid your taxes to begin with, you wouldn't be being bled dry, and how exactly can you afford a plane, if you are being bled dry? They aren't exactly cheap, try like 35,000 dollars, at the low end. Yeah he sounds like a real poor dude. Now, the family of the victim is suing Mr Stacks estate, or family, and so deserved too. So yeah he is a real hero. He acts like a terrorist, may have attempted to kill his current wife, and step child, and now is getting them sued for whatever little bit of estate there may have been. Wow, I am so impressed, with this HERO!! There I feel better now. If you don't like the way the government does things, exercise your right to vote, and get the flunkies out of office. Believe it or not, they really do like the power they get from being in power, and ass kissing is their favorite thing to do. If enough people , with a proper voice, and means to their voice, speak eventually you will be heard. Ranting, and acting like a crazy person, really does not get you anywhere. If for some reason you have not seen the handy work of this man, you can watch the video below.

Lesson Plans For 02/25/10:

Health: Bicycle safety
Language Arts: Root words, question busters, rhyming words
Math: Fractions, division, addition
Cursive Writing
Sign Language: Numbers 1-20

Health: Bicycle safety
Counting objects worksheet
Reading: HOP Sam and the Mitt week two
Site Words
Flash Cards
Math: Addition to five
Printing Practice
Animal Book: Animal pets- hamsters
Phonics: Ending sounds
Sign Language: Numbers 1-20


Kristy said...

Go Melissa! I wholeheartedly agree with you. Great post!

Ruthi said...

I believe that there is a Hero in everyone of us. And if everyone will consider it true... this hero and his daughter that you are referring to have a difference concept of what a hero is. I agree with you... Hero should be saving or protecting lives and not destroying life because of personal reason. Nice post.

Lily said...

thank you very much for sharing this post, it so so sad for the family of the lost life and for his wife and step daughter who will now have to pay for what he did.

Melissa said...

I feel sorry for this mans family, who know gets to suffer for his wrongs.

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