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Friday, February 12, 2010

Fun Friday Letter Q: Quarters

It is Fun Friday, at our Blogging For Fun group, and we are up to the letter Q. This is a hard one, with not many words that start with Q, at least that you can make a post about. So I am doing the 50 state quarters. DJ has been collecting them for sometime now, and only needs one more. For Christmas he got the book holder, and a whole collection of uncirculated quarters, the whole set. So now he will have two, when he completes the one he has been doing on his own. The video below shows all 50 of them, and what they look like. It is a fun little hobby for him, and he has taken a great interest in collecting other coins as well.

So what do you think you can buy for one quarter, in 2010? Here are the only ones I could find.

1- A gumball from the machine at the local store. I am surprised this is still so.
2- One token at Chuck E Cheese will put you out a quarter.
3- One bouncy ball from the same machine as the gumball machine.
4- Air for your car tires, though I am not sure it is not two quarters now.

That is about it, unless you know of some more. Please feel free to share, if you know of anything you can get for one quarter, in this day, and age. Happy blogging, everyone.


Kristy said...

I am very surprised that we can still get something for a quarter too. That is great that DJ has a collection going. Rebecca collected at DJ's age too. Great post Ms. Melissa.

betchai said...

that's a tough question, Melissa. am not so sure what we can get for a quarter, I should think more. MY niece also collects quarters from all States and old coins.

I am late for Q, but I was planning for Quest. I'll try to catch up later when I get the chance.

Melissa said...

Kristy, hope you are having a great Saturday.

Betchai, I could only find those few things for 25 cents. They don't even really have penny candy anymore.

Ebie said...

Q is a tough one, I just thought of Quack, quack, said the ducks! Hahaha!

I have 2 books for my quarter collection, I collect 2 of each state. I have not completed all 50 states.

A quarter was what I paid for air during our trip to the Desert.

Happy Valentine's Day Mel!

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