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Friday, February 19, 2010

Fun Friday The Letter R: Roses, and Respiratory System

Today is Fun Friday, at our Blogging For Fun Group. We are doing an A-Z meme, and are up to the letter R. So I thought I would share one educational, and one fun for the letter R. First is a 3D animation of the Respiratory System. They had some real technical ones, but since my kids enjoy them, I looked for cool, and simple. The video is 3D enhanced, and very informative, for a short video. Check it out, and learn why you breath. Next is a personal favorite of mine, Roses. I love roses, and can actually get them to grow. I really love all flowers, but roses seem especially easy for me to grow. When we lived 10 miles from here, in Levy County, I could not get anything to grow, not even my roses. Here in this town, the roses grow like crazy. I am not sure what the difference is in the soil, but whatever it is, it works. The video below are some of the most beautiful rose gardens. None of them are mine, but maybe someday. I have yellow, pink, and red roses. I try to buy a new one every year, in a different color. The largest is by far the yellow, which my children gave me for Mothers Day, two years ago. It is huge, and it was quite expensive, so I am happy it has lived all these years. Meanings of the colors of roses are unique to each color. Yellow: joy, gladness, and friendship, Red: Love, beauty, courage and respect, Pink: appreciation, admiration, gentleness. I hope everyone has a Fun Friday, and if you want to join our little group just use the sign up box, right above my Blogging For Fun blogroll.


Kristy said...

Great post! Those are some beautiful rose gardens. I too love roses but have had no luck where I live in growing them. I think it is our soil too. I have to do alot of container gardening where I live.

Anne said...

I wish I could grow roses. I have a black thumb and am unable to grow anything. I greatly respect anyone who can make things grow.

Melissa said...

Ms Kristy I just posted the picture.
Anne my thumb is mostly black LOL. For some reason the roses like me. I did get about ten tomatoes last year, which is nine more than the year before. I am moving up.

Ebie said...

I have seen this variety of roses in one of the botanical gardens. Right now, the bushes are pruned for the next blooming season.

Melissa said...

Ms Ebie, I love to go to the botanical gardens. They are so beautiful.

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