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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Matter For Kids, The Matter Song

Today for Science class we are studying matter. Below is a song on matter, and a video with experiments for matter. Both of these are great, and are for different levels of learning. DJ is also considering what life would be like on another planet, and then will writing an email from that planet back home to earth. It is just a fun activity, that makes you think. Valentines Day is coming, and instead of giving candy, give your kids award winning books. Click the pink banner above to go to my Barefoot Store, and check out all the awesome books available.

Lesson Plans For 02/03/10:

Social Studies: Medieval Times in prep for Medieval Fair
Math: Division, problem solving, multiplication
Language Arts: Root words, question busters, punctuation
Sign Language: Essentials

Printing Test
Reading: HOP Mutt and Pup
Animal Book: Farm animals
Phonics: Beginning sounds x2 worksheets
Math: Count and color
Site Words
Flash Card work


Kristy said...

Great videos on matter Miss Melissa! Do you know if the Barefoot books have books that pertain to the actual holiday or season like Valentine's Day or Easter or Christmas? Also, how often do they come out with new titles? Thank you.

Mom-Says said...

Hmm my daughter doesn't have a science subject yet.she's on 2nd grade.i'll show her these videos so she'll have a glimpse of this topic.thanks melissa!

lauraedythe said...

I love all the videos you post! What fun! Blessings, Laura

Melissa said...

Rochelle, it is an interesting topic for her to begin.

Ms Laura, glad you enjoy them.

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