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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

500,000 Frozen Embryos What Should Be Done With Them

There an estimated 500,000 embryos frozen across the United States. These are from people who used in vitro fertilization, to become pregnant. If you are pro life, then you most likely believe that life begins at conception. Whether that conception, happens naturally in the womb, or artificially in a petri dish, the embryo is still life. When couples, sign up for in vitro fertilization, many of the embryos never get used, and are frozen and stored, for possible later use. They are very often, never used, and now the dilemma for many people, and states, is what to do with these embryos. People are paying up to hundreds dollars a year, to store their embryos, and they are theirs. So what to do with them, if the couple separates, or abandons the embryos? I think this is one more indicator, of people who invent this wonderful technology, but never completely think out the consequences before initiating the technology. I can see where this is going to be a big issue for pro choice, and pro life groups, not to mention the people that are the owners of these embryos. What a mess, and now we as a country, must come up with some way to deal with this problem. This will not be easy, and I can see it dragging on for years and years. It is not technically abortion, because the embryos were never implanted. But many Americans do believe, that the embryos are alive, and deserve to be treated as such. Even though they are frozen, and not technically alive, they would be if thawed, and allowed to be implanted. So what do you think of this issue, and what do you think should be done about it? I honestly do not know. I can see where it should be the owners right to decide what to do with them, yet I can see the other side, that it could be viewed as killing the embryo. I do not see any easy solution, to this topic.

Lesson Plans for 10/22/08:

Social Studies: Hawaii, Hip Hip Holidays, Christmas virtual field trip at

Writing: Tell about ways you help at home

Language Arts: Phonics review, comparing

Reading: Read chapter 7 of Mummies in the morning

Spanish: Parts of the body

Vocabulary: Lesson 8 use each vocabulary word in a sentence

Spelling: Lesson 8 write each spelling word and circle the consonants

Math: Division, addition, and subtraction

Word Search: Trivia

Art: Draw Gary the snail


betchai said...

i too do not have solution to this melissa, if it is only possible to ask the couple who had ordered IVF to take care of their embryo, regardless whether they separate or not.

Melissa said...

It is definately a situation, that can not be easy.

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