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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner, No Serious Posts Today

I am taking a break from serious topics, and there certainly are plenty, and taking a lighter note today. Tomorrow is test day, so I have no Lesson Plans to post. It is freezing here again, in N Florida, and my hands are frozen, so I am typing with mittens on. Actually, I seem to type fast with them on LOL.

I am one of those strange people that plans 30-45 days ahead, for big events or meals. This probably stems from all the years of getting paid every two weeks, and having to plan or have no money to buy what you need, when it is time to make the big meal. My mom was here last Friday, so we went over the menu. We decided we wanted to try a few different recipes, and foods than our traditional Thanksgiving menu.

Turkey, of course, made with maple syrup butter. This will be our second time doing this kind, and it is delicious. I highly recommend it.
Bisquits with gravy- my mother hates store bought bisquits, I hate making them from scratch. So we compromised and she will make the bisquits and I will make the gravy.
Mashed potatoes- pretty much a given
Sweet Potatoe Casserole- this is a new addition to our menu, so I am looking forward to this.
Coleslaw- Cabbage salad whatever you call it. I am making it different this year. Cabbage, carrots, chopped cooked bacon, ranch dressing, possibly onions and red peppers. Does that not sound great. This will be another new try for us.
Cholcolate pie, instead of apple pie. Everyone loves chocolate and apple is just getting old
Some kind of Truffle my mom is making, I am sure it will be awesome.
Rolls with butter
Green beans with onions- Instead of the traditional green bake, we are going to do a all year favorite. Fresh green beans, sauteed with onions in butter, and extra virgin olive oil, with just a splash of red wine vinaigrette.
Stuffing, of course.
That is it, unless we decide to add more things. That is plenty for 5 people, and one dog. Have you started to plan your menu yet?

Our Ocean field trip, which was scheduled for earlier in Sept, has been rescheduled for next Friday. Hopefully it will warm back up, or I might have to order a snowsuit to wear. We hope to find some cool shells, to use in various arts and crafts projects. My mom will be going with us, as my husband has to work, and she knows the way to the specific part of the Gulf she likes to go to. We will have a picnic lunch, and just enjoy the beauty of the Ocean.

Yesterday, I posted we were finally making the Paper Mache Pumpkins, yeah ok. It was a big mess, and a big pain. They were white balloons, and we just ended up painting them orange, and then painting funny faces on them.


Eryn at said...

"Turkey, of course, made with maple syrup butter"

Oh my goodness, this sounds amazing. Do you have directions/a recipe? Or is it just smothering a turkey in my two fave things, syrup and butter? lol

flit said...

It made me SO happy to see that you'd added my blog to your technorati favourites; thank you!

flit said...

went back and actually read post now -- I don't think I could master typing with mittens on LOL

haven't even got the hang of driving with mittens/gloves! It just doesn't feel right.

betchai said...

oh, i do not think i ca type with mittens too :)

i hope the weather cooperated and you will have a grand time in the ocean.

and wow, your thnksgiving dinner looks great. i have not tried making biscuits from scratch at all :(

the chocolate pie seems oh so heavenly, hihihi, but i do love apple pie too.

Melissa said...

Thank you all for commenting. My husband makes the maple syrup butter, and does it from memory. You have to use pure maple syrup and let it cook down in the butter, if that helps. It is warmer today, and I have no mittens. They are the snug fitting mittens, so there is no gappy fingers. I have not wore mittens since we left new york, what a wimp I have turned into.

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