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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Linens And Things Going Out Of Business Sale

Linens and Things, has filed for Bankruptcy, and closing a 120 stores, most of which are in California. If you live near a Linens and Things store, everything must go, and you could get some great deals, on name brand products. We do have one here, but it is not real close to us. I will check out their website though, and see if they have anything I might want. Read the full article, about their Chapter 11 filing here


betchai said...

wow, i never know about this melissa. thanks for sharing, i will go to linen and things sometime this week. we have about 1.5 mile away from where we live. but i do not usually buy from them since i find their items expensive that i could buy cheaper somewhere else. so, i hope they have really good price this time.

Melissa said...

Yes I agree. Without a sale, their prices are high. Their sales may go lower in the next weeks, as they try to liquidate as much as they can, Good Luck.

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