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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thank You To My Top Droppers, Apology, Contest Update

Yesterday, I was able to drop my cards on my jewelry blog, when I switched over to drop on my Homeschool blog, it said my account was deleted. I went to my email to see why, and learned that due to ads I had playing, in the background, that was why my account was deleted. I use pay per play, those were the ads in the background, I had no idea this was against Entrecard's terms, as they did not have enough decency to contact me first, just poof deleted my account. I lost all my advertisers that had purchased ads, I hope they gave you back your credits, and I apologize to all of you. I also lost all my credits, and my ranking went back to 1. So my advertising is cheap again, so be sure to purchase at the great rate. I really do appreciate the oppurtunity Entrecard has given me, in building my traffic, I really think their customer service policy is lacking however. I deleted the pay per play links, it wasnt making enough money to worry about it, and my blog was reinstated. So I apologize to anyone who lost their slot, but hopefully did not lose their credits. If you have any ads or music, playing in the background of your blog, you better remove it, or they will delete you. I see where some others were deleted today, I wonder what rule they broke. Of course all this could have been avoided if I had read the whole TOS, when I signed up. Live and learn, that is what I say.

These are my top 10 Entrecard droppers, for September, click the links, and pay them each a visit. You dont have Entrecard, shame on you, be sure to go to and sign up, just be sure to read the TOS, before.

Wonderful Pic Collection, should have been here, but her blog has been deleted. Hopefully she will be reinstated, and I can add her blog address.

Want to see your site featured here, just drop your card everyday on my blog, and the top 10 droppers will be posted, at the beginning of next month. These are all great blogs be sure to check them out.

Like many Entrecard users, I use credits to purchase advertising on other blogs. The two sites that earned me the most click backs are: with 193 clicks to my blog, Wow Put your card on her site, and watch the views come in with 93 views from her blog, to mine. She homeschools, like me, and I am a frequent visitor to her site, check it out for yourself.

Now for some contest updates. No one wants to win 10 dollars cash, or free advertising link? I thought this would be more popular. So far betchai has two entries, on this blog and my jewelry blog. To enter is simple, fair, and anyone can do it. Be sure to enter, dont miss out on free cash. At my jewelry blog is another contest and you get to win free jewelry.

Tomorrow is test day, so I have no lesson plans to post. Tomorrow I will be adding some interesting information, on homeschooling and politics, be sure to check back. Dont want to have to worry about forgetting to check back, just sign up to follow my blog, you will see updates automatically.


Kim said...

I am always thrilled to do custom orders :) (re a smaller necklace)

betchai said...

thanks a lot again, for the link, melissa. i am glad your blog has been reinstated now.

Melissa said...

Kim: Thank you I will contact you when I know what I want.

Betchai: you are welcome, yes I am glad I was reinstated too.

The Fitness Diva said...

Thanks for the link! You're one of my top 10 too, and are on my blog's sidebar under "September's Top Ecard Droppers".

Will definitely be in the running for the photo/picture contest. Got my camera ready! ;)

The Fitness Diva said...

BTW, did NOT realize that this was your widget! Just got curious and clicked on it by chance from my inbox. Lucky I did, or I might have passed it by on the next drop! :O
Can't always drop 'em all! Want to, but can't! ;)

Melissa said...

fitness diva: I cant wait to see your picture. Dont wait too long, to get them in. This is an exciting contest. I will have to post updates, so everyone knows how many entries they are getting. Be sure to check out the other ways to get more entries. said...

Thanks for the 2 links to and

I will advertise on their blogs if I have a chance :)

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