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Monday, October 6, 2008

Netflix, Lessons, White House Rescue Plan

Last week, was a rough week, in my little blogging world. Here on Melissas Homeschool, my Entrecard, was delete and then reinstated but not without losing all my credits, and advertisors. Then on my jewelry blog, my template would not work properly. None of my side links would show up, even though they were there when I tried to fix it, but wouldnt show live. I hope this week will not be so messy.

I am not tooting Netflix's horn, but I do love their service. We have had them for several years, and they help so much with Homeschooling. They have so many different learning options, if you look and use your imagination. My children, of course, get their favorite movies to view as well. You can supplement, Science, History, Foreign Language, Phonics, Math, Reading, tons of different options. Check it out, and supplement your Homeschool activities.

Now I can not leave, without making a statement about the so called Rescue Plan, that was passed last Friday. Already, today the Dow has fallen another 350 points, and Congress is already talking about more rescue plans being needed. They said initially it would take about 45 days to get the plan doing its job, now they are saying 6 months to a year. Really, hmm interesting how that was left out. So lets see, states like California, Florida, and many others are almost bankrupt, and dont know if they will make payroll, they might need some Federal money. 401k's lost a ton of money, again today, despite Congress saying this would not happen if only they passed the Rescue Bill. Gas prices may come down, because the greedy Opec people are afraid, we might not be able to afford 3.89 for gas, much longer. McDonalds, made more money last month, because their food is actually cheaper than buying groceries for some people. Bars are raking in a ton of money, from all the people who are stressed, burdened, and looking for some comfort. Please be sure and thank your Senators, and Representatives for rescuing us.

Here are the lesson plans for 10/7/08:

Reading: Read chapter 10 of The Knight Before Dawn
Writing: Why are Firefighters important
Language Arts: Phonics review, referencing
Math: Multiplication, addition, subtraction
Science: Plants and animals of the sea- Sharks
Spelling: Review of lessons 1-5
Vocabulary: Review of lessons 1-5
PE: 30 minutes
Word Search: Veggies
on 10/6 we forgot to do art class, so it will be done on 10/7
Continue with Amphibians unit study

Dont forget you can get free themed unit studies, at


betchai said...

i have been here in US for only 5 years and therefore don't have that much yet in my 401 k, and seeing it lost several thousands already this year makes me scare a little bit, but then, i just hope and pray that the economy will bounce back and i will gain them back before i lost all. thankfully, i put some in safe bonds which are not affected much by fluctuation, only that in 5 years, did not also earn a lot of interest. hope our economy bounces back.

Melissa said...

We never put anything in the Stock market, and now I am glad we made that decision. I hope your lost assets will rebound.

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