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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Local Hospital Shands AGH To Close 2009

A local Gainesville Hospital, Shands AGH, will be closing their doors in November 2009. You can see the video, with explanation here

Shands AGH, is one of 3 Hospitals in the Gainesville area. They very often are the hospital of choice, for the uninsured, or poor people to go. With the closing of this hospital, patients will now have to go to the big Shands at UF, or North Florida Regional, both of which have not been favorable to the uninsured, or poor. Shands AGH, gave the reason of loosing too much money for closing. However, they are opening a brand new Cancer Hospital, right next to Shands UF, and of course they need to staff it. Most of the workers, at Shands AGH, will be transferred to the Cancer Hospital, which is opening November 09, the same time AGH is closing. I do not see how this will be a good thing, for the uninsured, or the poor, to find care. It will be interesting, that is for sure.


betchai said...

I admire you melissa, you are very much involved in your community, you know what is going on. i hope the poor will find a hospital that can serve them too.

Melissa said...

Since I work in Health Care, I try to keep up on all that stuff. It is hard to keep up on everything, and can be time consuming. Thanks for stopping by.

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