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Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Jersey Law Requires Flu Vaccine For Young Children

The state of New Jersey, has passed a law requiring, children be vaccinated with the Flu Vaccine. If your child needs to go to preschool, school, or even day care, you will be required to give them the Flu shot, in New Jersey. I know there is a lot of controversy over vaccines, in general. Some people feel, the Mercury, in older Vaccines caused such illnesses as Autism, Asthma, Developmental Disabilities, ADD, etc. While all reports say Mercury is no longer in current vaccines, the controversy still exists. Most studies, also show that Mercury could have never caused these conditions. However, there are parents who are still reluctant to get standard vaccines, such as MMR, HIB, Prevnar, etc. How do I feel about this? My children, both have had the basic standard vaccines, such as Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Polio, and Chicken Pox. The Chicken Pox I did not want, but was made to believe it was mandatory, which at the time was not. My children have not received Prevnar, nor will my daughter get Gardisil, and definately not the Flu shot. The Flu is not a deadly disease, it is treatable. Not only that the vaccine, is not accurate. They never know for sure, which strain will actually be the strain that makes people sick. Sometimes you just have to let your body deal with illness, naturally, not by man made resources. If your body is never exposed to an illness, it will never learn to respond naturally to one. Children under the age of 6 months, should not receive the Flu vaccine. Pregnant women, or anyone who is allergic to eggs, should not receive the Flu vaccine. Be sure you are aware of these things, before you accept a Flu vaccine. I would never tell someone not to vaccinate their child, it is your choice, and that is my main argument here. No state should have the authority, to tell you that you have to have a Flu vaccine. The major illnesses, are a different thing in my opinion, because they are severely deadly, should you catch one of them. One more note, people who are already immuno suppressed, are recommended to get the Flu vaccine. The reasoning, is because they already have a decreased ability to respond to infection, and the vaccine may help them to not get the Flu, which for them may cause severe illness, or even death. Be knowledgeable, know what you are being given, and then make a decision, based on what is best for you.

Tomorrow, is test day, so I have no lesson plan to post. Tomorrow I will be adding contest updates, review of our first 30 days of school, and a cute pumpkin cake that is easy to make.


betchai said...

wow, these are very helpful information, melissa. i never had thought of this before, about flu vaccine. thanks so much for sharing. i had a flu vaccine before, and i got sick after. after that, i did not want to go through the shot anymore, as i think that sickness was more awful than the flu. you're correct, flu is not deadly. now, i am thinking, was my adverse reaction because i had occasional allergies to eggs? i really am not 100% allergic to eggs, but if i feel my body has low resistance, i shy away from it, otherwise, i will have difficulty breathing.

entrecard does not work tonight, i can log on, but i can not open my inbox, i think it is their site which is undergoing challenges. thus, i can not go to your jewelry site :( i tried clicking on your link below on melissa's jewelry, but the link does not work, it tells me the blog no longer exist, then, i remember, you changed the name of your jewelry site. and maybe the link below here is for that old site. i feel sorry for those EC droppers i can not drop on them tonight :( i have been trying since 3 hours ago, but still, EC does not work correctly. and i can only drop at night on weekdays :(

Melissa said...

I had a Flu shot once, also, and like you it just made me sick. Flu shot is a good idea, for some people, as I stated. People should be informed, and then make a knowledgeable decision. I fixed my card below, I forgot all about it, thanks for reminding me.

betchai said...

yes, what you shared was really an eye opener to me, when we get our flu shot, those allergies were not asked at all.

EC still does not work well for me, maybe it is only acting up at night :(

I'll check your jewelry link after this. thanks :)

Melissa said...

EC wasn't working, right for most of the day yesterdat. Hopefully today it will be better. I do not know why the don't ask about those allergies.

tom jacobs said...

Does anyone know the number of the law - the statutory citation for New Jerseys flu shot law? I'd like to read it but can't find the exact language of the law. Thanks for your help. I write a teen/tween law website including health issues. This may be of interest to my readers and their little brothers and sisters. Take a look at:
Regards, Tom.

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