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Friday, October 3, 2008

Gilchrist County Friends, Art Classes, Obama and McCain Views On Homeschooling

I have a lot to blog about today. I could post all of these as individual posts, but I always have more to say lol.

First, I would like to just mention a yahoo group I just started. It is called Gilchrist County Friends, and it is not just a homeschool group. If you live in the Gilchrist County area, and have children under the age of 12, that need some extra friends, then come on and join. I am new to this, and it has just started, to sign up go to I am hoping to get at least 5 or 6 children, interested in the group. I will be making a button to put on this blog, to advertise it.

Second I would like to share with everyone, a great Art class, that is offered for a minimal fee to Homeschool children. Here are the details for the class


Art Classes for Homeschool Families


Monday October 6, 2008

10:00 am - 12:30 pm

This event repeats every week until Tuesday June 2, 2009.
Next reminder:

The next reminder for this event will be sent in 2 days, 1 minute.

Gainesville, Florida

Discover and Create With the Visual Language of Art” Come discover the wonder of art and artists throughout time. Explore where artists get ideas and how they make them personally meaningful. Create artwork from your own imagination using the visual language of art: line, shape, color, balance, symmetry, etc. Learn to investigate artworks; looking carefully, describing and relating them to what you already know so that you can make informed judgments about the works. Projects include drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, sculpture, hand building with clay, and more! New this year is a reflective writing component for each lesson recorded in a personal sketchbook/journal.Mondays beginning August 25th Ages 4-7 (10-11am) and Ages 7-older (11:30-12:30) All classes are $10/student or $15/2 students and include sketchbook, supplies and an informational handout about the media, process, and artist studied. Email or call for location, class descriptions, and to answer any questions!Jane 352-595-3071

Third, is a topic that should concern all Homeschoolers. Where does each Presidential candidate, stand on Homeschooling. This information, was shared at one of the Homeschool groups I belong to. One Homeschooling mom, called Obamas local campaign offices to try to get his specific views on Homeschooling. Not only did they not know, but they told her to buy his book, to see if the information, was in the book. They gave lots of indicators for what he wants to do for Public education, but could not give a view on Homeschooling. A second Homeschooling parent, provided this information from Obamas book: On page 344 of The Audacity of Hope, he writes: “none of these policies need
discourage families from deciding to keep a parent at home…For some
families, that may mean doing without certain material comforts. For others it may
mean home schooling….Whatever the case may be, such decisions should be honored

Now I am not certain what he was referencing there, but it was not Homeschooling directly. So there is still no clear, and concise point of view from Obama as to how he feels about Homeschooling. I find this very disturbing, his ambivalence, and vagueness, when getting to the point of any questions.

McCains views on Homeschooling are very clear, he supports Homeschooling, as does Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin, has a daughter that has been doing virtual schooling, for some time. This is an exerpt from a fellow Homeschoolers email sent to me, stating information about McCain's view on Homeschooling: McCain has said in several speeches, forums and interviews he believes homeschooling works. He believes it's a family's decision.

Of course as a Mom, who Homeschools her children, I find this to be of much importance, when choosing who I will vote for. I will have to hear more definitive responses from Obama, to even consider that he is for Homeschooling.


Cy said...

While Obama is not only vague, one has to consider too, that many varied types of legislation lead to limiting homeschooling rights. I am wary of his legislative leanings.

Melissa said...

Yes I agree, that Homeschooling is not necessarily something legislators agree with. However, since Obama is running, for President his view is very important to me. He leans way too left, for me, on lots of issues.

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