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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Brilliante Blog Award, Thank You

This is my second award, for this blog. Thank you to Kiki over at Kikis Corner. Be sure to stop by, and check out her very cool blog. The rules are, you have to post the picture of the award, link back to the giver, and then nominate 7 blogs, that you think are Brilliante Blogs. After you have posted their links on your blog, you visit the nominees blog, and leave them a comment that they have received an award from you. These are my choices, to receive the Brilliante Weblog award: Betchai always has beautiful pictures, and information on Hiking.

Please be sure to visit each of these great blogs, and show them some love. I try very hard to pick from a variety, of the blogs I visit every day. That way hopefully everyone gets some bloggy loving.

Enough fun, know back to business. Here are our lesson plans for 10/6/08:

Writing: You are a reporter, and aliens have just landed on Earth
Spelling: Lesson 6- review of lessons 1-5
Vocabulary: Lesson 6- review of lessons 1-5
Math: Multiplication, addition, subtraction
Language Arts: Phonics review, following directions
Reading: Read chapter 9 of The Knight At Dawn
Music- 30 minutes
Arts and crafts: Learn to draw Mr Krabs, video below
Word Search: On your feet


betchai said...

thanks, again, melissa. now, i owe you too many already :)

HouseHomeGarden said...

Thank you very much. My first award and much appreciated. Bear with me as I will gather my nominees together over the next few weeks.
Thanks again!

Melissa said...

betchai: you are welcome, and you dont owe me anything. I truly love your blogs.

househomegarden: you are welcome, and take your time. I know it takes a while to do these blog awards, according to the rules.

Kgraham said...

Thanks for thinking of me. It will take me a little time to pick seven of my own awardees, but I'll let you know :). Thanks again!

Melissa said...

I know these awards take some time, to get them posted. Have a great day.

Bonnie said...

I'm so sorry it took me so long to get it. Thank you so much for the great award and I really appreciate it.

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