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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ways I Make Extra Money Online

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When I had my second child, I decided to work less outside the home, and more inside the home. First my pregnancy was extremely difficult, she was a fussy baby, and day care for two children was extremely expensive. We were still in NY, and planning to move to Florida. I initially went to the 11-7 shift, at my Hospital job, and started researching work from home. Let me say, most of them are no good, pyramid or ponzi schemes, and you will work your butt off, for little or no money. I must have joined every PTC, and PTR program on the planet, and left most of them as well. If they offer a free upgrade, with free advertising they can be useful, if they actually get any clickers to their site. That mostly refers to PTR programs. I no longer belong to any PTR programs, as they are a waste of time, and earn only the site owner revenue. These are the PTC programs, that I still belong to, and my evaluation of each.
Isabel Marcos: I am close to payout here, and other members say they pay quickly, and on time. I will see. I have made my payout of 40 dollars, requested it, and have been waiting almost 60 days for them to pay me. If it goes much longer, I will leave that site, and claim them a useless scam site.
That is it, I have left all other programs, because they do not pay within their terms, and I refuse to wait more than 45 days to be paid. Whoever came up with such a thing anyways. If I went to my nursing job, and they told me we are not going to pay you for 45 days, but we would still like you to work, I would say yeah ok see you later. These PTC sites currently owe me money, and have owed me for at least 90 days if not more:
Daddy Bux, Advercash,, VIP Bux, there are several other programs that I have left before payout because their site does not offer any reasonable number of clicks to even reach payout, or their sites are littered with spyware, and viruses. Buxto has owed me money for almost 6 months now.

Now to the programs, and things that actually do work.

If you are a freelance writer, which I am not, there are tons of jobs for you. I initially started this blog, to improve my writing skills, in hopes of someday getting a freelance writing job. I have not tried for any new ones, but it is in my future goals.

Just Answers: If you have a skill such as in the medical field, pet expert, teacher, automotive field, etc then this website would work for you. I have made over 600 dollars there, and it has been a life saver when we needed extra money. They have very strict rules, and guidelines, so be sure to review them before beginning.

Cha Cha: Cha Cha is a text service network. Customers text in their questions, and Guides answer their questions, and send it back to their phone. It is hugely popular, and constantly growing. There are 3 current positions available, Guides, Translators, and Expiditors. I am currently an Expiditor, and I work a couple of hours a day, and make approximately 6 dollars a day. Not a lot of money, but if I worked more, I could make more, and it works out to about 150 dollars per month. Enough to buy my jewelry supplies, xmas gifts, or pay bills. They offer a pay me now service where you can get paid right on a debit card, it is a wonderful service. They are not easy to get in with, and I had to wait almost 5 months from my initial application to get accepted. It is not a hard job, though it can get extremely busy.

Mylot: Mylot is a forum type website. You get paid to post and respond to topics. I have been there well over a year, and they always pay on time, and via paypal. Their minimum payout is 10 dollars.

Clixsense: This is a PTC program, and just about the only one that actually pays when they are supposed to, on time, and never with problems. I have been there almost 2 years, and they pay via check.

Blogging: I have two blogs, this blog and a jewelry blog. They both have Adsense. I have made 18 dollars, from Adsense, since April of this year. I have no idea if that is good or not, but it seems OK to me. I initially did not start blogging, to earn money, but after reading several topics on the issue it seems to be working pretty good. I use Social Spark for paid posts, and have made 75 dollars from that. I only do one or two paid posts a month, as some I do not feel qualified to post about. I can not do Pay per post, because they do not accept Blogspot blogs. That is ok, because too many paid posts will bring down your Google page rank.

Project Wonderful: Project Wonderful, is a program to sell advertising space on your blog. The rates are pretty inexpensive, so advertisers like it. I have been there since May, and have made almost 7 dollars. Their payout is 10 dollars.

I am trying to sell advertising links, on my own. I offer them for 3 dollars for 30 days, payable via Paypal. I have not had any takers yet.

For those who are skilled enough in writing, offers a wonderful program for you. I did not qualify, but I hope to advance my skills enough, and will reapply next year. They offer a wonderful compensation program, for you to update and maintain a topic oriented page.

My husband works for West At Home, and has been there for at least two years. It is basically Customer Service, and the wage is decent. Their rules are strict, and you must meet their computer requirements. Right now he only does, the required amount, per month, to remain active.

Tomorrow is a test day, so I have no lesson plans to post.

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betchai said...

wow, these are a lot of information you are sharing Melissa. I actually know little about, like you, I started blogging because I like it but when I learned that some blogs can earn something at least, I tried to look into it since I bog anyway, why not get even just a few cents from it?That is the reason why I abandoned my wordpress blog and shifted to Today since i could not put even Adsense to my freely hosted wordpress. It is not really a lot of money, but better than nothing :)

Melissa said...

I looked at today, but I had to start another whole blog. I couldnt just transfer this one over. It seemed like more work, than I wanted to do. I have so many posts, to start over would be a lot of work.

betchai said...

that's true melissa, it is kind of difficult to transfer all your posts, indeed, would be a lot of work :(

Cy said...

I was in the first wave of guides at ChaCha when it was brand new. I think I stayed for about 4 months. I'm glad to hear it is working out for you.

Melissa said...

Cy was there something you didnt like about it, that made you leave. There are a few glitches with it, but for the most part, works well.

Cy said...

Melissa, I quit because back then there were so many bogus requests (it was still only online search) and they were really, really explicitly nasty. The conversation would be captured and then put in forums and you could see guides names. It was not a happy time! LOL

Dragon Blogger said...

This is a great amount of information, if you haven't used PayU2Blog, I have made $110 in my first 45 days of using this site.

Melissa said...

CY: they still ask some pretty nasty questions, and may even put them in the forum. As an expiditor, I only group the questions, but I can definately see your concerns, about them being in the forum.

dragon blogger: thank you, I have not tried that one, but I will definitely check it out.

Roy said...

Like your husband, I am working with a phone agent company called LiveOps. I think it is very similar to West at Home. So far it is pretty good and the hours are flexible. They have a lot of companies you can work with. I will look into that pay2blog site, that looks promising.

Olanpays said...

I am just a beginner in this business. I learn a lot with this blog. Thamks Melissa

joancasilo said...

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And this blog really doing great for me. This blog also offers me more ideas and advices concerned to my job.

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Mark Anthony said...

Wish I can express as you do. What a blog? Can you give the names of websites who are paying for bloggers? I am sure you must be making tons of money. I want to do the same, but in own sweet time. Meanwhile I have worked on my interests and posted some micro-jobs on Business Logo Design, Professional Logo Design Mostly I have my writing skills on offer. Many have responded. I am happy as anyone can be.

Robert patel said...

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