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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Illinois Sheriff Puts A Hold On Evictions, New SIDS Prevention

A Cook County Sheriff, has ordered Deputies, to stop enforcing evictions of families who rent homes. Why would he do this do you ask? Families who are renting homes, from homeowners that have defaulted on their mortgages, are being evicted from their homes. Starting today, that will be put on hold. The Sheriff feels, these renters, are innocent victims, of the mortgage failures. So what do you think about this? Do you think it is fair for them to stay there, as long as they continue to pay their rent? Who does the rent go to, if the owner has defaulted on the loan? I would think the rent, would go to the bank than now owns the defaulted mortgage. I dont really understand why they would be evicted to begin with. If they are paying their rent on time, why would there be a need to be evicted, no matter who owns the home. You would think the bank, would welcome the extra income. Now if they were not paying the rent, or were in default on their rent, then I could see pursuing an eviction.

SIDS, was in the news again today. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, is something that parents, are always concerned with, especially with an infant child. Today it was reported, through a new study, that having a fan in the room reduced SIDS occurences, by up to 72%. That is a huge number, and seems like such a simple thing to do to help reduce the risk of SIDS. The theory is that the fan helps to circulate the air, and keep air from stagnating. Of course you do not want to blow the fan, directly on the infant, which could lead to the child getting too cold. My children, have always slept with a fan in their room, mostly to drown out noises, but if I had another I would make sure they had one too.

Lesson Plans for 10/9/08:

Reading: Read Chapter 2 of Mummies in the morning
Health: Toothpaste Ads
Math: Division, multiplication
Language Arts: Phonics Review, drawing conclusions
PE: 30 minutes
Writing: You are invited to a party, but they only eat Asparagus, think of two polite excuses not to attend
Spelling: Review lessons 1-5
Vocabulary: Review lessons 1-5
Word Search: Once upon a time


betchai said...

yes, that is a sad situation. like you, i have the same question, to who does the rent go to? i think the owner who has defaulted on his loan should confront the renter and the bank, whatever could be arranged, and not just simply take the renters money?

ps. i like your pink earings there, very lovely. i just could not comment coz i would have to log on to my wordpress account first. i may have to take quality time in browsing your etsy store, i think it is about time i should reward myself with "ladies" stuff. now, i will have to email you also the fall picture, aaaah, time is running fast :(

Melissa said...

It is really sad if the owner was just taking the rent money, and not paying the mortgage. I had heard that a lot of families had already been evicted, and made homeless, before the Sherriff put a freeze on it.

Melissa said...

betchai, I think I fixed my jewelry blog, so you can add comments there. I just had to change a setting. That way your commenst will count towards the contest there too.

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