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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Do You Have An Extra 5 Million Dollars Lying Around?

I do not. So I have informed my husband, that I expect him to work 3 jobs, 7 days a week, from now until he can buy me this Diamond Miracle Bra by Victorias Secret. It is only 5 million dollars, and I do after all deserve it. I love sarcasm, dont you? I know every year, Victoria Secrets, comes out with one of these so called miracle, luxury bras. So lets just investigate it.

1- It is stunningly beautiful, that is exactly what I look for in a bra.
2- The straps are so unsturdy if you bend over, I am sure they would snap. Again, another luxury item I look for in a bra, straps that stay on.
3- For an average woman, which most of us are I assume, the cup wouldnt even cover your nipple. Once again something considered a luxury when I purchase a bra.
4- The price is a real deal, considering it has 1500 carats of genuine gemstones on it. Hmm I think a Diamond ring, set in Platinum, would be sturdier.
5- I suppose I could use it as a Christmas tree ornament. Hmm and I thought 34.99 on JTV, for Agate slice ornaments was expensive. I better stick with the latter.

I can not imagine in this economy, people out of work, losing money left and right, suffering, losing their homes, wondering how they will even put food on the table, would be comforted to know that someone will actually purchase this lovely bra. To see the bra, in all its glory you can visit Victoria Secret, or just google Diamond Bra, you will be amazed how many choices actually come up.

Lesson Plans for 10/27/08:

Writing: Write a Pizza recipe
Reading: Read Chapter 9 of Mummies in the Morning
Math: Fact families, money, multiplication
Language Arts: Phonics review, dictionary skills
Vocabulary: Lesson 9- look up the definition for each word
Spelling: Lesson 9- Write each spelling word, two times each
Music: I can play Piano- 30 min
Art- Paper Mache Pumpkins, these are easy and the directions are listed in the archives
Spanish: Chapter 2


betchai said...

Oh, that was just too extravagant, why would anyone want a diamond for their underwear? Won't they be wearing a dress anymore? :( Indeed, sometimes it is hard to understand the set priorities of the world too.

Melissa said...

Well I suppose you could disassemble the thing, and sell the diamonds. What kills me is Black Diamonds, do not have nearly the same value as other colored Diamonds, and are relatively inexpensive to buy.

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