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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Frugal Tip Save Money On Pictures

I have been called cheap, at times in my life. I prefer frugal, but cheap is probably closer to the truth. My children are 8 and 4, and for the past 8 years we have been visiting Walmart, Pennies, or other photo studios for Holiday pictures. This on average has cost, anywhere from 150 dollars to a whopping 300 dollars. Ouch that would really hurt my budget, this year. So I decided to take my own pictures. I think I did a good job, for someone who is not a photographer. We then use Snapfish photo service, to make prints, 8x10 photos, and 7x5 photos to send to family and friends this holiday season. We did this for our yearly digital photo printing, and it cost a whole 45 dollars. I would say that is a substantial savings. I am sure there are other online photo services, we just happen to use Snapfish. If you have a digital camera, give it a try, and save yourself some money, this Holiday season.

I will be making the pumpkin shaped cake today. The recipe is in my archives, and I will let you know how it comes out.

DJ's Report Card for the 1st Quarter:

Language Arts: 94
Reading: Excellent
Reading Comp: 96
Writing: Satisfactory, and Improving
Math: 90
Science: 97
Health: 100
Social Studies: 89
Spanish: Satisfactory
Art: Excellent

Lesson Plans for 10/23/08:

Health: Soaperman, keeping clean and healthy
Writing: Write a list of safety rules for Trick or Treating
Language Arts: Phonics review, guide words
Reading: Read chapter 8 of Mummies in the Morning
Spanish: Parts of the body
PE: 30 minutes
Vocabulary: Lesson 8- write each definition 2 times each
Spelling: Lesson 8- Put your spelling words in alphabetical order
Math: Division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction


betchai said...

i am not surprised about $300 for photos, i had my passport photos taken, our philippine consul requires 4, so i had to pay like $20 for a poor quality passport picture :( i could have taken my own picture, but am afraid the consul will not accept it

i actually so like the picture of your little girl and her "fall" stick or wand. your kids are cute. i am not good in people photography though, something i know is a lot more challenging than taking landscape especially kids since you deal with their moods and emotions too.

Melissa said...

That is her umbrella LOL. She is so funny. I am not sure what she thought she was going to be protected from with that flimsy umbrella. My son is the serious one. He said no more silly, goofy smiles, hence the serious look. He looks so mature, and handsome. My daughter used to be impossible to get pictures of, as she was very uncooperative. She is more of a ham now.

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