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Monday, October 20, 2008

Michelle Obama To Speak In Gainesville Florida

Michelle Obama will be speaking, at the Hippodrome State Theater, in downtown Gainesville, on Wednesday Oct 22nd, at 2:30 PM. Whether you agree with her husband Barack Obama, on policy issues, this would be a great oppurtunity for homeschoolers to provide a free and interesting field trip. I am sure it would be great for public schools, as well, but they might not have enough time to get a field trip together. I see so much potential, for young learners to learn about being a candidates wife, what if she becomes first lady, what does she think about the campaigns, etc. My children are only 4 and 8, so this is not something, they would have an interest in, but for older children, it would be great. It is free to the public, and guests can start arriving at 1 PM. The Hippodrome is located at the point where SE 1st Street, dead ends into 2nd Place.

Lesson Plans for 10/21/08:

Writing: Use your 5 senses to wriet about Autumn
Reading: Read chapter 6 of Mummies in the Morning
Vocabulary: Lesson 8- look up the definition to each word
Spelling: Lesson 8- Write each spelling word two times each, and circle the vowels
Math: Division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction
PE: 30 minutes
Language Arts: Phonics Review, Comparing
Science: Weather, oceans field trip at
Word Search: Author trivia
Spanish: Parts of the body


betchai said...

i agree, it will be such an interesting and educational field trip for students to attend especially high schoolers. i remember when i was in high school, whenever there are talks from those running for office, we were encouraged to attend, and if we ask questions, our teacher gave us BONUS participation points :)

Melissa said...

If my kids were older, I would definately take them. I do not agree with all of Mr Obamas policies, but it is a great learning oppurtunity.

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