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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kentucky School Wants To Eliminate C As A Passing Grade

A small school district, in Henry County Kentucky, wants to eliminate the grade C, as a passing grade. That would mean students, in middle and high school, would need to get an 80 or better to pass. They have already eliminated the grade D, as a passing grade, that was done 4 yrs ago. According to the school district, standardized test scores increased at least 13%, after eliminating the D grade. Other states, such as Florida, and Maryland have reportedly also tried to do away with the grade D, as a passing grade. However their results were much different. They experienced more, and more kids failing, and had to abandon the project. So what do you think. Do you think eliminating the C, as a passing grade, and requiring all children to receive an 80 or better, fair and even attainable? I personally do not think that it is fair, and will only cause more stress on teachers and students to meet goals that are simply unattainable. I do not see anything wrong, with dropping the D, however, and making a C the minimum requirement for a passing grade.

I would like to share some of the things we do to help when learning Spelling, and Vocabulary words. These can be used for Homeschooling, or children in public school, that need a little help in learning.

Spelling: Day one- write each spelling word three times each
Day two- write each spelling word, and circle the vowels
Day three- write each spelling word and circle the consonants
Day four- put each spelling word in alphabetical order
Here are some others that are useful as well: word searches, make flash cards for each word, write the word and a synonym or antonym, for each, draw a picture and hide the words in the picture, make a cartoon using the words.

Vocabulary: Day one: use a standard dictionary to look up the definition of each word. Write it on a piece of paper.
Day two: write a sentence, using each vocabulary word in a different sentence.
Day three: Try to think of a synonym for each vocabulary word.
Day four: write each vocabulary word, and the defintion two times each.

We spell the words out loud every day, and the definitions every day. I pick our vocabulary words, right from the spelling list each week. We have 15 spelling words, in a lesson, I choose 10 of those to be vocabulary words. You can see how this all plays back to each word, and through repetition, the words will be learnt. If on the Friday test, a word is misspelled it is added, to the next weeks lesson.

Lesson Plans for 10/08/08

Writing: Book report for the book The Knight at Dawn
Reading: Read chapter 1 of Mummies in the Morning
Social Studies: Voting, and about Florida
Math: Division basics, multiplication
Language Arts: Phonics review, drawing conclusions
Spelling: Lesson 6 review
Vocabulary: Lessson 6 review
Word Search: Fruity tooty
Continue working on Amphibians themed unit study


betchai said...

eliminating C yet having A and B for me would somehow cultivate wrong methods for some students to simply attain some unattainable goal. Like, some students would resort to cheating to get A or B, and sadly, sometimes, taught or encouraged by parents. You're right, it will put too much stress on teachers, parents and students.

Melissa said...

I didnt even think of cheating, I am sure you are right about that. I think it is almost cruel, some kids just cant get a B in math, or even English. I hope they think this through real well.

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