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Thursday, October 16, 2008

McCain is to Bush, as Obama is to Pelosi!

First of all let me say, I am an Independant, and a swing voter. The swing has stopped swinging, and I am voting for McCain. I watched the debate last night, and it was much better than the last one. I would like to make some points.

1- First I want to talk about these so called Polls, that have Obama winning. They only ask like a thousand people, who they are voting for. There are millions of registered voters in this country, so I do not see how those polls are anywhere near what is truth.

2- I am so tired of hearing that a vote for McCain is a vote for Bush. Obama has based his whole campaign on this, and might just win by saying such crap that just is not true. McCain, and Bush are very different, in a lot of ways. McCain has stood up to Bush, when he disagreed with his policies. Can you say the same for Obama, against his fellow Liberal cronies, in the Senate? I think not. If McCain is like voting for Bush, then a vote for Obama is the same as a vote for Pelosi or even worse Harry Reid. Ultra Liberals, with ultra Liberal views. Bigger government, more socialism programs, increased taxes, more spending, come on is this really what we want?

3- Both candidate Economical plan sucks, plain and simple. I do not like either of them. Obama, wants Socialist type programs, where you take from the wealthy to give to the poor. This is not a fairy tale. Yes we already have a progressive tax bracket, where the more you make the more taxes you pay. However Obama, will strictly increase taxes on anyone making more than 200,000 dollars, gross per year. So that is increases on the tax bracket you may already be in, and might I add if you make jsut 42,000 dollars per year Gross income, Obama will put you in the middle class tax bracket. For all of you that make that, do you feel like you are middle class? I think not. If Companies are forced to pay higher taxes, they will lay off workers, possibly send business over seas, and make our economy even worse. McCain will push for off shore drilling, and nuclear energy plants which by his own accounts will bring 1 million new jobs to this country, and help us be energy independant. That is what we need, jobs, and jobs with good wages, and benefits. Not minimum wage jobs, that never lets anyone get ahead. Obama, and McCain both were in favor of the bail out plan, not just McCain. Why does nobody realize that, they both wanted it, despite Americans saying no. Obama just keeps slamming McCain for it. Why, he wanted it too. McCain correctly stated last night, if you listened, that he was upset with Paulsen, and Bernanke for not taking the money as they promised and buying up bad mortgages which was the original plan. But instead infusing money into banks, thereby owning the banks. He has said that he disagreed with this, and he does not have any more control over Paulson, than Obama does.

3- Health care, another hot topic for Americans. Obama wants to socialize health care. Did you listen very carefully to what he said? He said Americans with no insurance, would be able to buy into the same insurance he and McCain are afforded as public officials. Really, prove it, because that is flat not true. Obama and McCain enjoy excellent health benefits, as public officials, what Obama speaks of for the uninsured is equivalent to Medicaid. Medicaid, you will not be able to choose the Dr you want, because most doctors wont take it. Medicaid will get you long waits to see a specialist, medication that is the cheapest and might not be the most effective. Medicaid will get you monitored by the government to be sure you are doing what they want you to do for prevention. I am all for prevention, education, and health care for everyone, but telling me the who, what and why, does not work for me. Plus if you listened very carefully, Obama states that all businesses will have to offer a medical plan to their employees. Either the government run program, or another policy. If they do not they will be penalized. He said small businesses will be excluded, but would not state a cut off as to who would qualify under a small business. Again this could lead to lay offs, and businesses going over seas. In my opinion, the only way to make health care affordable is to force them to bring down their costs for both insurance, and services rendered. Non insured people are charged 3 times as much for a service, than someone who has insurance. Why, because they are gouging you. They make tons of money off the uninsured. Unless you live in a state, where they can not come after you for medical expenses, you could have your wages garnished, legal judgements, savings lost, or just be refused for care. McCain has said, in his plan, he will push for laws to lower costs rendered for health care. Plus he will give 5,000 dollars as a tax credit, to every american, whether you are insured or not, to cover out of pocket health expenses. Plus make it so Amercians can take their health insurance with them, from state to state. This will open up competition, and help to lower costs.

4- A womans right to choose, ie Roe vs Wade. McCain is pro life, but states that there are some exceptions to that rule. Obama is pro choice, and is pushing for a law to make it so anyone can have an abortion at any time, for any reason, with no stipulations. I personally am pro choice. I believe a woman has a right to decide whether she chooses to carry a child or not. There should be stipulations, with that however.

5- The mediator specifically asked about the nastiness of the campaigns. McCain correctly pointed out that their campaigns have gotten ugly, but that he had reputiated all untrue comments made about Obama. Such as when a woman, at one of rallies, stated Obama was an Arab and she didnt trust him. McCain immediately said no, he is not he is a kind and good man. Obama in return basically just made fun of McCain, like he was being over sensitive. Oh you mean like Obamas campaign calling McCain a racist because of something some whacko yelled out at one of his rallies. He did not answer the question, asked by the mediator which was are you sorry for the ugly turn the campaigns have taken. That makes McCain the bigger man in my book.

That is how I see the debate. What did you take from it. I think we as Americans need to carefully read, and listen to what each candidate says. Dont listen to others, decide for yourself. Be informed, be knowledgeable, and then make a choice.


betchai said...

i watched the debate too laqst night, melissa, and it was an interesting one though sometimes i preferred them to rather talk about their plans than attacking each other. i could not vote yet though, hopefully, in the next election.

PJ said...

i just can't wait until it's all over. i am so tired of listening to all that childish bashing. they both needed to just talk about their own plans and stop acting like a couple of little kids feeding into each other.

Melissa said...

I agree, with both of you. I am kind of tired of the fighting, and please just state the facts. It is a pain to have to look up what they really believe, rather than them just stating in these debates.

Cy said...

You really did your homework, here. Great points and concise. The structure of the debates themselves is so lame. I'd rather attend a local high school debate and would actually get more information in doing so.

Melissa said...

Thank you. I have never been to a Presidential debate, in person. I would probably be bored, unless I could participate orally.

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