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Friday, October 10, 2008

Election 08 Observations, Socialism, Pumpkin Cake, First 30 Days Of School

I have a lot to talk about today. Friday and Saturday, are always extra busy. I hardly ever get to post on Saturday, so I jam a bunch in on Friday. My first topic is about politics. Of course it is on my mind, because it is getting close now. If you check my poll, it is pretty even, who people are voting for. I am an Independant, and moderate conservative. I am leaning towards McCain. However for McCain to win, he needs to get more aggressive. They say he has a temper, and can be aggressive. Really, because all I have seen is a man who looks like a puppet on a string. He needs to light some fire, and get a little fired up. Show some spunk, he is looking pretty boring. As for Obama, I simply can not see myself voting for him. There are too many things I dont like. At first he looked promising to me, now I have to say no. First I dont know how he can claim he will not raise taxes, when Universal Health Care has to be paid for somehow. I think health care for everyone is a marvelous idea, but you have to say how you will pay for it. He never clearly answers any questions, not ever. He just very charismatically goes around the question, and gives some fancy eloquent type speech. No clear answers, just more questions. I do not like the fact that he has ties to Bill Ayers, a Domestic Terrorist, or ACORN who is being investigated for voter fraud. I do not like the fact that he is so ultra Liberal, that he seems more of a Socialist.

That leads me to my next topic, Socialism. My understanding of Socialism, is that the government runs everything, and the people all live as one class, with everyone having the same. That sounds great, right? However, is that actually feasible? How do you manage this without war, corruption, and keeping a Democratic Nation. I do not believe it is possible.

Now on to some more topics about Homeschool. I have evaluated our first 30 days of school, and all is going well. DJ, started Division this week, and has picked it up pretty easily. I was very nervous about this, because as I stated previously knowing how to divide, and teaching division are not the same thing. His biggest challenge remains Grammar and Writing. Mostly in the area, of remembering all the Grammar principles, and sloppy writing. He is lax, in using punctuation, and capitals, but is improving every day, and improved immensely from last year. His strong topics remain, Reading, and Science, where is nearly perfect. He reads at a
5th grade level, and Science is always 100 percent. Caitlin is doing preschool activities, and progressing nicely. Her biggest issue is Phonics, mainly because she has no interest. I do not, at this age, push it hard, but let her learn at her own pace.

Contest updates will be added on Sunday. Be sure to get your entries in, to win 10 dollars, and free advertising.

Below is a cute, and easy Pumpkin cake you can make, to share with friends and family. I hope everyone has a splendid weekend. Please remember I welcome all comments, and thoughts. Dont be shy I dont bite.


Cy said...

Reading this reminds me of the year I was teaching my daughter how her ABC's. I was so afraid that she would never get them. I tried all kinds of methods. I started reading some Charlotte Mason and decided to ease up and not worry so much. We would take long breaks from ABC's. That seemed to work like a charm. When we would return to it she'd pick up a little very fast and we'd stop again. We approached reading the same way and now my 11 yr.old little gal is up to speed and doing fine. It sure was perplexing at times but I have fond memories of the trials and errors. Bless ya' in your efforts.

Melissa said...

Thank you, for your support. It is kind of nerve racking, when you Homeschool, because if they dont get it, it is like you are a failure. I want to be aggressive, but not over aggressive.

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