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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another Snake Story

Anyone who knows me, knows I am petrified of snakes. The snake pictured is an Eastern Indigo snake, and it was the snake that was on my porch last fall. I wanted my husband to kill it, but I am glad he did not because it is endangered. I will not lie when I say I was glad to see it move on to somewhere else, it was a really big snake. So I went the whole winter with no snakes, not a surprise since they hibernate. The other day, my husband, and I were standing on the front porch looking at all the water from the rain. I heard a strange noise. From watching tons of animal planet shows, the noise sounded kind of familiar. I said to my husband, do you hear that, it sounds like a baby alligator. Of course as soon as I said it, I was already thinking how fast can I put the house on the market. Well come to find out other creatures make that some distinctive noise, when they are in distress. As I was looking up at my garage, there is a very small hole, and trying to squeeze out of that small hole, was a very fat frog. I said to my husband, look at that crazy frog, trying to squeeze out of that little hole. Well it did squeeze out, and it was what was making that distinctive noise. Then it looked like its leg was stuck, and it was struggling to get free. I said OMG it is not stuck, a snake is trying to eat it. Now I can tell you my heart was racing, for sure, and my brain as I was thinking how I really hate snakes, and what am I going to do, another snake, and this one in the garage roof. Agh I wanted to run, what good would that do, right. So instead I watched. The poor frog did get away, and fell kerplunk right down into the bushes. I waited with my weapon of choice, my broom to see if the snake would let himself fall to get his very fat dinner. He did not, and I do not think it was an Indigo. It was real small, and appeared to be a garden snake, but why was he up on the roof? I really can not take it, I am constantly looking for them. When I went out to take out the garbage, I swear it was looking out of that hole at me, taunting me. LOL I know that is not possible, but I am just a tad paranoid now. I mean I grew up in rattlesnake country, in NY, and in all my 35 years there, I saw maybe two snakes. I have lived here in this house, two years, and I have seen two, with one on the neighbors porch. We live in town, and I find it strange for them to be here. Well there is my horror story for this month, and I hope the last. They really can just move on to somewhere else. I am sure there are snake lovers somewhere, but it is not me.

Lesson Plans for 5/18/09:

Reading: Read pages 160-180 Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone
Math: Graphs, multiplication, division
Arts and crafts- drawing
Music- karaoke machine


Tellie said...

Aww. I'm not really terrified of snakes . I almost got bitten by a Habu snake (extremely poisonous)when I was 12.

A funny story I have is a few days ago my friend received a call from her younger brothers and sisters. They were frantically yelling, hysterical, and crying about a garden snake in the bathtub. Since her parents weren't home her brothers and sisters decided to call 911. The police came got the snake out but weren't happy at all lol.

Carol said...

What a kick. Now I have had a few snake stories of my own. Not really afraid of them, just cautious. In California we have rattlers. My favorite is the King Snake pretty to look at and they LIKE Rattlers.
What I hate, can't stand, despise, shake in my boots from are 8-legged bugs, like Tarantulas, blackwidos, ya know those things. UCKKKKK.

online writer said...

OMG,that's really scary.sorry but i'm not a fan of snakes uncle used to have a big snake for a pet (oh geeez) and it fed on chicken, rodents and stray cats. one time,when i learned that my uncle put a stray cat in the snake's cage,I didn't hesitate to free the poor was already putting up a fight with the snake and luckily the snake backed out for a moment so i got the chance to grab the cat out of the never occurred to me that i could be mind was fixed on saving the cat.i know snakes should exist too but i'm just not a fan.i hope they'll be left in their natural habitat,away from humans.

betchai said...

i hike in rattlesnake country in san diego too, but never saw one thankfully. like you, i would be very scared to see a snake, i am sure it would send my heart beating so fast.

Melissa said...

Tellie- a snake in the bathtub would do me in.

Carol I do not like bugs either, but I can handle them.

onlinewriter I would never visit someone who had a snake, esp a large one, as a pet.

betchai at least a rattler would warn you to stay away, which I would gladly do.

Sandi said...

yeah I don't mind snakes too much. But we don't have many poisonous ones around here either. We DO have them but they aren't that common.

Melissa said...

I really do not care for any of them.

Wiggy said...

I hate snakes, and have to turn away if they're on telly for some reason :oops:

Julie McClelland said...

I'm not big on snakes either, my teenage boys love them, whenever we go to zoos etc where you can hold them, they'd que for hours. Luckily so far we haven't had any in our backyard, just 'huge' rats that freak me out something chronic and bandicoots - look just like rats but bigger - yuk!

Melissa said...

My son is fascinated with them, but I am not sure if he actually saw it up close and in person.

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