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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Learn to Draw, A in Science, Cool Parks

Science class this Tuesday, is about rocks. So tomorrow for Art class, Dj and Caitlin will be learning to draw rocks, using the short tutorial below.

I have blogged about our attempts to grow a garden, for a Science project. I am proud to say, that this year we got an A. We have been enjoying big fat tomatoes for some time now. I must say though, we bought tomato plants this year, rather than from seeds. It was easier, and worked much better. We have peppers, and cukes coming on right now, as I write this. Container planting, has been the miracle for the cukes. I have one pepper plant in the ground, in the other in a Topsy Turvy, that I purchased as an experiment. At first the Topsy Turvy appeared to be quite useless, but now is growing at a speed much faster than the one in the ground. I may buy another to put in tomatoes. My lettuce, and onions, while still growing, I think will not produce any veggies. I think I waited too long, and will have to try them again, come winter. Not bad, don't you think?

Yesterday, my husband had to take the kids, and the car back to the dealership to sign more paper work. Since I worked the night before, I was going to sleep. He told me he had found a cool park in Gainesville, he was going to take the kids to. Come to find out it was a park, with a huge swimming pool. In this huge swimming pool, was a huge two story water slide. Of course my kids wanted to go down it. Thank goodness the lifeguards have a test kids must take before they are allowed to do this. Caitlin was unable, but DJ had to be able to swim 50 yards, half a football field, without stopping or touching the ropes. My husband said he thought he was going to fizzle out at the end, but he did it, and he got to go down the slide. He said the first time it was kind of scarey because the steps were very steep, but after the first try it was ok. He said he had to get out of the way fast, because they do not make people wait to come down, until you are out of the way. That was probably the only negative thing I could say about this park. If you are going to implement safety rules, why not go all the way? At any rate, they had a great day, and then got to swim in our pool too.

Lesson Plans for 06/01/09:

Math: Graphs, multiplying two digits, division
Reading: Read pages 221-261 of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone
Art: Learn to draw rocks
Music: I can play piano


betchai said...

it's great these days we have tutorial videos, i actually could use it too.

Melissa said...

It is much easier if you are both a visual, and auditory learner. It combines them both together.

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