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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Say Hello To Our New Car

Well we have been talking about getting a new car, for a while. Could we afford it, did we really want to do it? Well let me just say, I have owned two Fords in my lifetime, and they both sucked. I would probably never buy a Ford again, though I must say I have always wanted a Mustang. We have been getting quotes, and ideas, from our local dealers for some time. Ford, Dodge, and Chrysler. We kept waiting for these awesome deals they were supposed to be going to have, because they had to move their inventory fast. Bull, do not fall for it, it is a load of crap. We even went in on Memorial Day, get a great deal right? Wrong, they had increased all their sticker prices, and the lowest monthly payment was 400 dollars. Are you kidding me, who pays that? I am sure some will, but I will not, that is outrageous. So anyway, after some internet searching I sent my husband off to Gatorland Kia, in Gainesville. Not only did he get a brand new 2009, plus got a decent trade on the crappy Ford we currently drive, but all kinds of rebates, and discounts, on the first try. Plus we get the Obama rebate for buying a new vehicle, on our taxes, next year. The payments are around 300, which I wanted a bit lower, but it is doable. I drove it last night, and it is a nice, smooth ride, and plenty of room, for the four of us. I love it!

Today is our swim playgroup date. So far the weather looks lovely. Though it does say 80 percent chance of rain. Since we moved the time up to 10 we should be OK. DJ worked hard yesterday, to get most of his work from yesterday, and today done, so we really do not have much to make up from today. We only have two weeks of school left, and then we are on Summer Vacation.

Lesson Plans for 5/28/09:

Math: Graphs, multiply by two digits
Writing: Concepts of a paragraph
Language Arts: Sentence fragments, spelling practice
Spelling: Lesson 33- Put your spelling words in alphabetical order
Vocabulary: Lesson 33- Write each vocabulary word, and definition, two times each
PE: 30 minutes


Lynn said...

Glad you found a car and at a good deal. We looked forever before we bought(in 1997) but finally found just what we were looking for. It's almost time to start looking again. I dread the thought of car shopping.

Laura said...

Congratulations on the new car. The TV ads I have seen say Kia's get good gas mileage and have a really good warranty. I wish I could get a new car. I just can't afford those kind of payments right now.

betchai said...

congratulations on your new car, Melissa. that's great you got a real good deal.

Pete said...

Hi Mellisa, what do you mean school is "Closed for the Summer", does that mean there will be no blogging for the summer?

Out of all sales people I hate dealing with car sales people the most. I refuse to buy a new car, just do not trust those guys. Good luck with your new vehicle.

Melissa said...

Thanks guys, it is nice to have a new, new car again.

Pete no I blog right through the summer. I liked the picture, and we will be on summer vacation soon, from school, not blogging though.

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