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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Now I Play Catch Up!

Well May has turned out to be a crazy month, so far. Last Sunday we did Mothers Day, and Caitlin, and Felicia's birthday. It was nice out, so we got to swim. Then the rains came. It rained the last three days she was here. My mom, and her went shopping, and other things. This is their cake, and a picture of my sister, Caitlin, DJ, and my husband. I know my other sister wanted to be here, but could not, so I am posting them for her to see. Felicia got on her plane this AM, and is heading home to NY. I miss her, and my kids really enjoyed spending time with her. Now, we play catch up though. We got behind on our school work, and even though we are at the end of our school year we still have to finish up our work. Tomorrow is test day, but will also be a catch up/make up day. Luckily we are only about one day behind. The volcano kit will be done on Monday, which is actually a no school day, but we did not get to it Tuesday. We will be all caught up, in time for Summer Vacation LOL.

On a quick note about American Idol. congrats to Kris Allen for pulling off a huge upset win. I do not think he is the better singer, and was very disappointed by the outcome. Best wishes to him, though, and to Adam.


mommyto2 said...

I thought there would be an upset. Being a Danny Gokey fan I convinced myself that the only reason he got the boot was because everyone was sure he would be in the finals and therefore only voted for who they wanted to see him go against (it's my fantasy world, don't pop the bubble). I figured all the fans routing for Danny would vote for Kris plus he was pretty popular on his own. I clearly think Adam is the best performer, but I would be more likely to buy a CD of Danny's or Kris'.

betchai said...

it was very clear when they had their duet last night that Adam is miles ahead in singing talent than Kris, but I did not have any tears anymore like when Allison lost, I kind of expected the upset already, though I voted for Adam on Tuesday night. But I still believe Adam will make a better recording and concert artist, he has a lot of persona to show. I have nothing against Kris, he is cute.

Melissa said...

I liked Kris, don't get me wrong. I just do not think he was the better singer, or entertainer. I have always found him very boring. I hope they both do well.

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