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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Only One Week Left

There is only one week left to American Idol season 8. I think it is going to be one of the closest years ever. They were all good last night. Not even one did poorly. At first when Adam did One, I thought maybe he would be in trouble, but when I listen back to it, it really is phenomenal. The video can not be shared yet, but you can listen to him singing it.

DJ is starting to learn concepts of a paragraph. I found this helpful short video. If you, need a little help understanding the concepts of a paragraph, you might find it helpful too.

Lesson Plans for 5/14/09:

Health: none curriculum is complete
Math: Graphs, multiplication, division
Writing: Write a letter to Nonie
Language Arts: Concepts of a paragraph, sentences, adverbs
Spelling: Lesson 31- alphabetical order
Vocabulary: Lesson 31- Write each vocab word, and meaning, two times each


Laura said...

I am a big Adam Lambert fan. If he doesn't win, I will be disappointed.

Melissa said...

Me too, though Kris seems to have a huge following. I think it might be one of the closest races ever.

betchai said...

congratulations Melissa. may you have a great nurse week and also it is a gift to be taking the prize for the AI pool among your family. let us all vote next week :)

Melissa said...

Thank you betchai. I think it is going to be close next week, everyone should vote.

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