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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Am Speechless!

Trust me that is not often that happens LOL. Last night on American Idol Allison, and Adam did a duet together, and it was so awesome. I can totally see these two in a band together, rocking it out, and selling millions of records. Our dumb Tivo didn't get the judges comments, so I have to watch the clip to see if I can see what they said. Their single songs they each sang, were just as awesome. Kris, and Danny struggled this week. I was very surprised by Danny, he totally was not good. He picked a very hard song, and it was a mess. I knew Kris would have a hard time, because he does not have a big range, for rock type music.

The other think I am speechless about is Lil Kim was kicked off Dancing With The Stars, last night. I dont ever watch the results shows, but I was shocked this AM when I read this. She is one of the best dancers there. I have no idea who is voting for Ty, but someone is. He is the most improved, and I love him, but I think in all fairness he should have went home.

There now my post had nothing to do with education, or homeschooling, now isn't that just grand LOL. Have a great day, everyone.

Lesson Plans for 5/7/09:

Health- to be determined curriculum complete
Math: Fast facts, graphs, division
Writing: You are on the Mayflower write about your day. This is a review writing to see if info was retained from earlier in the year,
Language Arts: vocab review, adjectives
Spelling: Lesson 30- put your spelling words in alphabetical order
Vocabulary: Lesson 30- write each vocabulary word, and definition, two times each
Playgroup: Bike path walk, will cover PE also


Lilly S. said...

Well, I hope this blog is mostly about homeschooling! I wanted to introduce myself and share my new blog with you.. in fact, seeing that you are a jewelry maker, you may enjoy one of my posts. Get free work at home ideas from my blog to help you create the life you want, especially if that means being able to stay home with your kids.

Thank you.
Lilly S.

Melissa said...

If you check out the rest of my posts, there is 99 percent discussion about homeschool, or education. I like to add some fun things in too. Thanks for the blog I will check it out.

betchai said...

I am in tears tonight, Allison was sent home :( I really wanted to see her and Adam in the final. Oh, but it is okay, I hope she still gets contract and get to continue sharing her talent to may of her fans.

Melissa said...

I know it was so sad. I thought it was actually very touching that she was actually crying while she sang Cry Baby.

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