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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Curclick Live Summer Classes

I love Currclick, I have used them several times. A lot of their items are ebooks, but they do offer other products as well. One of the things I did not realize they have, but am very excited about is live classes, taught by either a teacher, or homeschooling parent. Their prices are very reasonable, in my opinion. I am very happy because the public schools have done away with summer school, and I have a friend that can not afford a tutor for her son to take summer Algebra. Currclick is offering the live class for 9.99 for 50 classes. I will be very happy to refer my friend to this. Some of the other classes they are offering, live, are music appreciation, science camp, basic spanish, American girl book club, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. There are a total of 37 classes being offered. To check them out you can click the big Currclick banner above, which will take you directly to their site. I hope everyone can find something they like.

Tomorrow is test day, so lesson plans to post. A quick note about Idol last night, I was crying when Allison left. I hope she find success in whatever she does. It was really touching that she was crying while she sang Cry Baby, very fitting.

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