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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol Finale, Tragedy In A Small Town

Last night was the Season 8 American Idol finale. Each contestant sang three songs, I think Adam clearly won, but Kris has improved so much you never know. Adam's second song was a blues type song, that was amazing. I can not find a clip on it, but if you did not see it, you should. I did not like the song written by Kiara, the judge, much at all.

Last night was a major tragedy, here in our small town. My daughter somehow lost her blanket, that she has had since she was born. She sleeps with it every night, and used to drag it around everywhere. Well it has disappeared, and I mean literally. We searched everywhere, even in cupboards, and dressers, every nook, and cranny. It was a long night of crying, sobbing, and even screaming. Finally we convinced her it was after all just a blanket, she was not convinced until everyone else gave up something too. My husband his pillow, a teddy bear, and my comforter, then she finally fell asleep. Attachment to objects is great, don't you think?


Femmepower said...

Oh, i feel sorry for your must be very dear to her.hope you'll find her lost blanket anyway.

As to american idol,can u believe it? kris won! it's not that Kris isn't talented but I've always rooted for adam because of his superb singing ability that to me is beyond par.Kris,like adam,is very original and consistent.both of them know their own style.but only should win and america has chosen Kris to be more deserving of the title.

I just feel dissatisfied with the outcome.i like Kris but talentwise, adam is more superior.that's just my opinion.
i,too didn't like Kara's composition.sad for kris he'll have to record that song.
i'm sure both adam and kris will produce records that'll sell in the near future. let's just wait for their singles.=)

betchai said...

sorry to hear about your daughter's blanket. hope she feels better now. i am saddened by the outcome too, but on the other hand, since i did not like the idol song at all that was written by kara, i thought it would work best for Adam actually to not be obliged to sing that song. i think Adam will still continue to rock the world, he just has so much talent to show, both in singing and as a performer.

Anne said...

I missed the Idol finale. I have just never been into Idol. We started watching it because kids in school were talking about it and my daughter wanted to see it, but after a couple of episodes she decided it bored her.

I am so sorry to hear about the missing blanket. That can be absolutely devastating.

Melissa said...

Well we found the blanket, finally. Since my son never had an attachment to something, this was surprising to me, how dramatic she was. I am just glad we found it.

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