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Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Won, Nurses Week, and Phonics Song

Can we get a Woot Woot, Go Melissa, Go Melissa I won the American Idol pool. Because Danny went home last night, that left me the only one with Adam, and no one picked Kris so I win. Ha, yay for me. What a tight race, and kudos to Kris for making it to the top 2. I do not think anyone expected that.

I can not believe I forgot about Nurses Week, shame on me. To all my fellow nurses, all around the world, Happy Nurses Week. I hope you get the appreciation, and love, we all deserve.

Below is a cute phonics song, for young people learning the sounds of their letters. I like this video, because it also teaches some sign language. I actually used to know quite a bit of sign language, but like with anything else if you do not use it, you lose it. This is an awesome learning tool.

Tomorrow is test day, so there are no lesson plans to post.


Femmepower said...

yay!happy nurses week!and yes,about american idol,it was obviously a big surprise to most viewers.i was expecting danny and adam to battle it out in the finals but kris has been a dark horse.when he sang kanye west's song last week,i had the gut feeling that he'd be shoving danny out of the top instincts proved me right yet again.i'm thinking i could make career in fortune telling,lol!

Nhil said...

Happy Nurses Week to you Melissa! :)

I missed watching AI but let me check the videos later (for some reason videos are not loading on my page now) and see for myself. But I bet Adam will be the AI's ultimate winner. :)

Melissa said...

It is amazing. He is just shy, and quiet, and improving every week.

Sandi said...

Happy Nurses week. I'll be one soon! :)

Melissa said...

Yes, Sandi I remember reading your post, and we will be able to wish you a Happy Nurses Week too.

Tes said...

Oh cool, Happy Nurses Week, Melissa! The week before that was Teachers' Week. I had something to post but completely forgot about it... hahaha

Melissa said...

Well Happy Belated Teachers week.

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