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Friday, May 1, 2009

Fun Friday Gross Foods We Love

Today on Blogging For Fun, the theme is Fun Friday Gross Foods we love. I love macaroni salad, my macaroni salad. I load it full of all kinds of vegetables, and it has to have real mayo, then I pour over the top of it nice, warm, brown gravy. Yummo, I love it. While I eat macaroni salad a lot, I hardly ever put the gravy on it anymore, so it is more of a treat for me, when I do. This stems from my partying days when we would hit a greasy spoon after a night of dancing, and drinking. My friend Sondra introduced me to this, and yes I said eww gross for the longest time, before trying it.
My husband, and kids also enjoy some eww gross foods. My husband put Catsup on Mac n cheese, cheese sandwiches, macaroni salad, not to mention tons of other things. He loves Catsup. My daughter loves to dip her raw carrots in Catsup, grilled cheese sanwiches, and cucumbers. She is following in daddies foot steps. She is offered ranch dip, but prefers the catsup. My sister loves to dip her Pizza in ranch dip, yucko that is awful. My son must be the only normal one in the family. He will not eat anything considered gross, and really does not prefer any of his food to touch anything else.

What gross things do you, and your family love? I hope everyone has a fun, and fabulous Friday. Tomorrow I will post my top Entrecard droppers.


betchai said...

your picture of macaroni salad does not look eew at all to me, it looks yummy :) however, i have not tried gravy with macaroni salad at all, wonder how that will taste like.

how about this? i love my macaroni salad sweet, so i put condense milk instead of mayo, and fruits instead of vegetables :) it is more like a desert than a salad to me :)

Anne said...

I have never had macaroni salad with gravy, but I am not a huge fan of gravy so probably wouldn't like it. I love pizza with ranch dressing and my daughter will dip anything into ketchup.

Leomar said...

I also love macaroni salad but i haven't tried it with gravy. I may try it next time, just out of curiosity :)

Melissa said...

betchai I could not find a picture that had gravy on it, it is just borrowed. Your form of macaroni salad certainly sounds interesting.

Anne you and my sister would get along great.

Leomar if you try it be sure to let me know how you like it, or dislike it.

Shelly said...

I'm with your sister. My favorite pizza is with ham, pineapple, and banana peppers and it's ALWAYS dipped in ranch. If we have pepperoni pizza, I like to dip it in maple syrup.

I love macaroni salad of the store bought variety byt make a pasta salad with crazy mac (tri-colored spiral noodles) and add sauteed onion, zucchini and squash. I use sun dried tomato and greek dressing (50/50 mix).

Melissa said...

I have never heard of dipping pizza in maple syrup, and that salad sounds very interesting. I always wondered about sauteeing the vegetables before putting them in.

Sandi said...

well...I have had sauerkraut on a pizza and loved it. ;) But that was an option on the menu. I absolutely love sauerkraut. Just the smell makes my hubby sick.

Melissa said...

I am with your hubby, the smell is offensive. It does taste ok though, not sure on pizza.

Online Diva said...

Catsup on mac n cheese, now that's really gross for me! :)

I missed this meme, will try to post one this week instead. :)

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