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Friday, May 8, 2009

Fun Friday Ask Your Kids This

Today on Fun Friday, at blogging for fun, we are honoring moms. So ask your kids this question, if you do not have kids, you can borrow one. What one thing did mommy have to know about daddy, before they got married? My kids responses were:

DJ age 8- he is kind, handsome, and was not as chubby. Last year I asked him the same question, when he was 7, and he said he had to be good at doing dishes.

Caitlin age 5 tomorrow- she said she was not sure maybe because he was silly, or gave me a lot of money. I asked her how much is a lot of money, and she said 10 dollars. Wow I am cheap LOL.

Mothers Day is this Sunday, don't forget to honor your Moms. Blogging for fun, is a new yahoo group to support fellow bloggers. If you would like to join, you can comment here, or contact me at

Have a great weekend, everyone.


Anne said...

Tee hee hee, Your son's answer was great until he got to the not as chubby part. Wow, for $10, you were certainly a cheap date :).

Laura said...

How cute. Happy birthday to Caitlin!

betchai said...

hehehe, you made me laugh out loud, Melissa. Thanks for sharing. At $10, I must agree with you, wow, you are cheap! And to think it is already a lot of money for a 5 yr old. DJ's response is so cute, hehe, I presume your husband does the dishes, tee hee :)

OH, I will pass this Friday, I failed to see any kids, and was not able to borrow one. I am enjoying reading this though and off to read some more.

Julie McClelland said...

My babies are 24, 21, 17 and 16 - past being cute I'm afraid. I do like the fact that at 5yrs $10 is still alot of money and she also realises that we Mums are expensive!!

Happy mothers day

Melissa said...

Yeah I never knew I was that cheap either LOL. It is amazing how much 10 dollars means to a young child. Thank you to all of you for your comments.

Call Center Gal said...

:) It was fun to pick up their brains once in a while. I'll definitely do the same thing as soon as I have my own kiddos. :)

Happy Mothers Day! :)

Cosmos said...

It is funny to view ourselves from the point of children!

Melissa said...

They do have interesting thoughts on things, that adults might never consider.

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