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Monday, May 4, 2009

Shifting Focus

Well it is almost the end of third grade, already. Now my focus, and attention shifts to making my 4th grade curriculum, and kindergarten curriculum. Kindergarten is pretty easy, Caitlin will be mostly focusing on learning to read, following directions, and math. She has pretty much covered most of the other things in preschool. As for DJ 4th grade is a big step for him. It is a time to wrap up everything he has learned, and expand on them. He has improved so much in his writing, I am impressed. He asked me the other day, when he could start a blog of his own. At first I was like hmm I don't think for a while. Then it occurred to me that he could use a blog, as an everyday writing assignment. Because he will pick the topic, and will have to stay on the topic, using proper writing, and grammar rules, it will actually be a good assignment for him. So for 4th grade his year long writing assignment will be his own personal blog. Of course he will need assistance for searching out topics, ideas, pictures, and other information he will need. I think this will be an interesting assignment for him, and I will not have to scramble to come up with writing ideas. I spend a good part of the summer making lesson plans, and researching information. I have really enjoyed this school year, and look forward to the next. We have started our own playgroup for children who both homeschool, and do not. So far we have 4 moms, and 15 children. I did this because I am not patient at waiting for other groups to decide whether we can join or not, are not active enough, or live way too far away from us. So far it is going well, and we are planning a pool party at the end of May.

Lesson plans for 5/04/09:

Science: Planets
Math: Factor turn arounds, graphs, division
Writing: You found a magic lamp, what three wishes will you make
Language Arts: Irregular verbs, mystery map
Spelling: Lesson 30 write each spelling word two times each
Vocabulary: Look up the definition for each vocabulary word
PE: 30 minutes


Easy Moms Tips said...

This sounds really fun and fulfilling. :)

I would love to do this as well although I have to wait for a baby to come first before I can finally go ahead and do this. :)

Melissa said...

LOL yes a baby would be helpful. Thank you for stopping by.

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