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Friday, May 29, 2009

Fun Friday 1969 The Year I Was Born

The topic for todays Fun Friday, is the year you were born. I was born in 1969, in upstate NY. The assignment was to look up the year you were born, and see how much things cost, way back then.

A Gallon of gas was a whopping .35 man oh man that is cheap.
Gallon of milk was $1.10 this seems kind of expensive compared to gas, and stamps
Stamps were .06
A new home was 40,000 this too seems high to me, unless this was a swanky, nice home. You can still get a home for that today, not a very nice one, but a house indeed.
A new car was 2,000 now that is my kind of price

Here are a few more things about 1969:

Minimum wage was only 1.60
The number one song the week I was born was, In The Year 2525, I have never even heard of this song.
I could not find the movie the week I was born, but Midnight Cowboy, was the Oscar winner for Best Picture, that year.
Of course August 1969 we landed on the moon.
Laugh In was the number one TV show.
Who could forget Woodstock.

I find it hard to imagine if minimum wage was only 1.60 how anyone could afford a home, car, or even a gallon of milk. Maybe it was an inflation year, but it just does not seem to add up.

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Laura said...

1969, what a great year. I remember my mom and dad taking me with them to see Midnight Cowboy at the theater on the Navy base. My mom grabbed me by the hand and told pulled me out of there real quick. I guess it was too racy for both me and her. Minimum wage was cheap back then at 1.60 and I am sure you probably couldn't buy much with that wage.
Thanks for the Friday topic. I was so much fun.

betchai said...

i am sorry i am not able to participate two fridays in a row, Melissa, hope to catch up when my schedule gets lighter after to weeks. this is actually a very interesting and fun topic, and true, it is hard to imagine how one can afford a home, car, or even a gallon of milk at minimum wage of $1.60 back then, and the same thing i can also say about today, isn't the minimum wage today something like $8? some places even at $5 or $6? and the prices are also high.

Melissa said...

Thanks guys, I had a lot of fun with this weeks topic.

Leo Mar said...

My eldest sister was also born in 1969 and i know that, yeah, man landed on the moon in that year. And a Filipina won the Miss Universe crown. Thanks for this fun topic!

Melissa said...

Congrats to Miss Universe that year.

Nhil / Online Diva said...

I also asked my mom the same question before. How come a lot of people then can afford to have their own homes and cars when they can only earn that much? :)

I read the rest of the details but I find the price of the new car then. This is interesting. If only we can get a car for $2000 today. :) That will be a treat! :)

Julie McClelland said...

Landing on the moon in 1969 is pretty auspicious, better than me have Marilyn Munroe die in 62'. Interesting and fun topic, loved it!
Cheers Julie :-)

Melissa said...

Thanks Julie, and Nhil I wish a new car was 2,000 too you are lucky to get one for 16,000

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