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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mothers Day Sale, and Citizenship

I am having a huge Mothers Day Sale in my Etsy shop. From now through May 10th you can get 15% off, anything in my store. Please contact me using the contact button, or comment here and use code mothers so I know to mark the item down before you purchase it. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Tomorrow for History class we are covering Citizenship. We have covered this several times through out the year, but it never hurts to remind kids of what being a good citizen means. Tomorrow we will be discussing the homeless, and the issues that surround it. This short video talks about the homeless issue, by kids.

Lesson Plans for 5/6/09:

Social Studies: Citizenship
Math: Graphs, multiplication, division
Writing: Write a story about a homeless child
Language Arts: Adjectives, money matters
Spelling: Lesson 30-write each spelling word and circle the vowels
Vocabulary: Lesson 30- Use each vocabulary word in a sentence


Pete said...

What a nice video the kids made. Is video making a new way to teach children?

betchai said...

it is indeed great for kids to see the reality in videos rather than talking about it or reading about it.

Melissa said...

Pete a lot of homeschoolers make videos, as part of lesson planning. We have not tried it yet, but someday we will.

Betchai I agree, it is best for them to use all forms of learning, to learn which one best suits them.

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