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Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Top Entrecard Droppers For April

It is that time of month again, to thank my top Entrecard droppers to this blog. If you have a minute, visit each of these wonderful blogs.

The blog that I advertised my blog on, and got the most clicks from is with a whopping 41 clicks from her blog to mine.

Thank you for dropping on my blog, everyday, and have a great Saturday.


Anne said...

Thank you so much for the link! I appreciate it.

Melissa said...

Your welcome, thank you for dropping on my blog.

Call Center Gal said...

Hi Melissa,

How would you know the number of clicks that was made on the entrecard ad that you placed in another blog?

Thanks in advance.

Melissa said...

If you go to your dashboard and click on the more stats link, it will bring up bar graphs, scroll down a bit, and you will see it.

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