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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Halloween Fairy Garden Homeschool Literature Project

This might not make any sense at first, so be sure and read the whole thing. Caitlin, and I are reading, Little House in the Big Woods. No, we have not come across any fairy gardens yet. But, the literature unit study that we purchased, to go with the book, had a tablescape project to do. Since it is Halloween, and I am truly in love with fairy gardens, we made this adorable Halloween, fairy garden, and it now sits in the center of our dining room table. The one pumpkin is a solar light. However, we did not have any sun for it to charge today, so we will return it to the outdoor garden tomorrow, and bring it back in at night. I make houses, and other items for fairy gardens, and I love it. They can be purchased in my Etsy shop. I have some new ideas for more houses, just haven't had time to get to them done.

We have some fun field trips coming up, so lots of pics to share soon. Both kids are progressing nicely with their lessons, and our first 10 weeks ends the first week of November.

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