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Sunday, November 25, 2018

End of First Quarter Grade 9 Caitlin

It has been a very busy first semester, as you can see from my lack of blogging time.  I really am going to try to get back into regular blogging for the new year. 

DJ got a seasonal Christmas job, at a tree farm, and it is going well for him.  This is a great learning experience for him, at a fairly difficult job.  He is getting ready for finals for his first semester of college.  I am quite proud of him.  He is learning to manage his time, and his stress level, not to mention money.

Caitlin has finished up her first semester of grade 9, and her 2 strongest grades are in Language Arts, and Math.  Go figure that one out, lol.  She is passing all classes, but I need to see better results in History and Science.  She is finding the Apologia Physical Science to be a little difficult.  I was considering changing it, but have opted to enforce more studying time, instead.  I know she can do this, she just needs to apply herself more.  Taking notes, and studying are new to her, so I am trying to not to be too forceful.  We finished up Pre Algebra, and have moved to Algebra 1 with Saxon.  She hates it, but it is my choice.  It gives review every day along with learning new info.  That is what I want, and that is what matters, lol.  She will thank me someday.  I think next year I will switch to Aleks.  It is 20 dollars per month, but it helped my son so much, and it takes the headache off of me some.  History, well she just don't like it.  We discussed the fact that I need her to pick some kind of an interest, other than shopping, and staring at Youtube on free time, since she opted not to do Drama.  I think she is leaning towards horseback riding in the new year.

I am currently taking a free Microbiology course on, Saylor.  I need to keep my brain healthy with some higher education lessons.  I am currently debating what I want to do now that my kids will not be homeschooling in a few years.  I currently am working an Alzheimers Unit, and I love it, so looking at some classes in that regards.  Health coaching looks really promising.  I think as a nurse, I could have an interesting niche, especially in regards to elder care. 

I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving.

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