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Monday, May 28, 2018

Where to Start? New Redbubble Art

I haven't blogged in so long I don't know where to start. I have been so busy with my son's homeschool graduation, new job stuff, old job stuff, and homeschooling my other child, that I just have not kept up my blogging. I have not been able to be as crafty as I like, but I have gotten some new stuff done. I started a Nurse art line, and so far 3 have been completed. Below you will see the Nurses are Wise, Owl bag. This is all my original art, and is available on a variety of items. These are great gift ideas for any nurse you know. All nurses love tote bags, lol. You can see all the wise owl items by visiting my Redbubble account. You can search my other photography and art pieces, by clicking on my Redbubble profile. You can search for Missy69 on Redbubble, also.

It is getting too hot to do any more glass etching until Fall, but I am still crocheting, and of course painting. My daughter and I are going to start doing Tie Died items. I haven't done too much new jewelry, but I am having a Memorial Day Sale, in my Etsy shop. You can check it out by clicking here. It goes until the first of June. I am loving Fairy Gardening as well. Hopefully some new items for that as well, soon. I thought I might try my hand at writing. Not sure when I will fit that in, lol.

Homeschool Graduation Day!

Well we did it! DJ has successfully graduated high school, as a homeschooled child. I have to say it was a perfect day, and how often can anyone ever say that. We had a tragedy a few days before. One of our beloved church members passed, and she loved DJ so much, and all the youth. Then we had 2 police officers shot in a horrible incident. But the actual day was wonderful. We had family from out of state, his Xbox friends, that he never had met in person made the long trip to spend his special day with him. Plus, of course all of our local family, friends, and beautiful church family. DJ, and my husband gave wonderful speeches, and his sister chickened out, lol. As for me, I had all I could do to not cry let alone give an awesome speech. It was warm enough to swim, and the younger kids did. The teens mostly just hung out, as teens do. The food was awesome, and I have to give a public shout out to 2 facilities. First, a big, and huge thank you to Pastor David, and youth Pastor Allen, at Fanning Springs Community Church. They always support the kids, and are wonderful leaders, and pastors. Plus the church let us use the building for our ceremony, and Pastor David gave the Invocation. If you are in the Levy, Dixie, or Gilchrist county areas, of Florida, and you need a church with a great youth mission, check them out. Second, the Fanning Springs State Park. We rented a pavilion and the Recreation Hall. The prices were affordable, the building was lovely with a full kitchen, bathroom, deck over looking the springs, and two refrigerators. For 85 dollars you get the building from dawn to dusk. You do have to put down a 100 dollar check, which you get back after they check the building and make sure nothing was ruined, and you left it clean. They were super nice to us, and helpful. We actually did all this in April, and I am so grateful for that decision. All it has done is rain pretty much the whole month of May.

I am hoping to get back into regular blogging. I have one more child to go, and I can already tell High School is going to be a challenge for her and me. They also did their play, Shrek the Musical, so watch for a post about that. They all did amazing, and DJ now thinks he wants to get into Musical Theater when he goes to Santa Fe.

I will be posting my plans for 9th grade for Caitlin soon. Her High School years will be much different than DJ's. I have learned so much, lol.

Oh, and check out that awesome guitar cake, all hand made by a very good friend.  She is amazing.  I won't put her name here, but if you need an awesome theme cake, message me with your email and I will give you her info.  She does it as a hobby, lol.

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