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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Homeschooling When You Only Live Part Time In Florida

Florida, has a lot of people who live part time in Florida, and part time somewhere else. Of course there are a lot of Migrant Workers, as well. So what are these families supposed to do, that homeschool. I could not find, any definitive answers about Migrant Workers, so I am not sure how they handle the situation. Part time Floridians, can simply make Florida their permanent living residence, and that should cover the issue. You can still Homeschool in another state, just be sure you file your evaluation in Florida, as your permanent residence. It would not hurt to contact the school, of your temporary address, to let them know of your homeschooling acitivities, and the Florida requirements. Make your school year, so that when your evaluation is due, you are in Florida, that way you wont have to worry about travelling back to Florida, just to do your evaluation. This was a topic, at a group I belong to. If anyone knows if this is true, or untrue, please leave a comment. I can see where this could be a huge problem, for people who live in two different states, at different times of the year.

Lesson Plans for 10/1/08

Writing: If you could be 1 age the rest of your life, which would it be and why
Social Studies: Deleware, Count on your Community
Math: Multiplication, addition, subtraction, rounding numbers
Language Arts: Phonics review, antonyms, and synonyms
Spelling lesson 5: Write each spelling word, and circle the consonants
Vacabulary Lesson 5: Think of a synonym, for each vocabulary word

Monday, September 29, 2008

Unit Study On Feelings, Homeschool Resources

This week, on they are offering a free unit study on Feelings. I have checked it out, and it is a good one. I save these, and add them to my curriculum, usually at the end of the year, or where there is an empty slot. They are free, and they will send it to your email every week, so sign up if you need some new curriculum ideas.

I am a day behind, so there will be two days worth of lesson plans listed, as I posted about the contest yesterday. Dont forget to enter, the prizes are great. Last months contest was a dog cake, and it is being made, and pictures should be up soon. I am a little behind, as my youngest is sick. She is very rarely sick, so this is kind of traumatizing to her.

Here are this weeks Homeschool Resource Freebies, for this week, you must sign up for their newsletter at to receive these great freebies. Most are PDF files, and they have some great ones this week, check them out:

Monday, Sept 29: Autumn Studies Classic collection of Nature, Literature & Art Lessons for Primary Grades. Lots of simple Q&A studies, poems, examples and more.

Tuesday, Sept 30: How To Make Your Children Obey Great little ebook on how to teach your children to be obedient from Kathy Brodock

Wednesday, Oct 1: Lessons from "The Thinking Toolkit" Two lessons from this excellent book: Learn the differences between a discussion, a disagreement, an argument & a fight. Also, learn when to shut up!

Thursday, Oct 2: Way cool Science Experiments videos! Fun collection of "hands on" science experiments for kids, courtesy of

Friday, Oct 3: First Things First How to start your day with simple Family Devotions - great guide by Penny Raine

I particularly like Monday and Fridays resources.

Due to my husbands new work schedule, yes they have changed his hours yet again, our school day will now be from 9AM, until 2:30 PM. Here are our Lesson Plans, for 9/29/08, and 9/30/08

Writing: Write directions, for how to ride a bike
Math: Multiplication, addition and subtraction
Language Arts: Phonics review, prefix, suffixes, verbs
Spelling Lesson 5: Write each spelling word 2 times each
Vocabulary Lesson 5: Look up the definition, for each vocabulary word
Art- Draw Spongebob Squarepants shown above, and paint a Ocean related painting
Reading: Read chapter 5 of The Knight At Dawn

Writing: Draw and write what your home is like
Math: Multiplication, addition, subtraction, greater than and less than
Language Arts: Phonics Review, synonyms, antonyms
Spelling Lesson 5: Write each spelling word, and circle the vowels
Vocabulary Lesson 5: Use each vocabulary word in a sentence
PE: 30 minutes
Reading: Read chapter 6 of The Knight At Dawn
Science: Sea Creatures- Dolphins

Lesson 5 spelling words: alive, grind, pint, drive, diet, size, rise, died, tried, dial, five, pies, inside, cried, and island

Lesson 5 vocabulary words: alive, grind, pint, drive, diet, size, rise, dial, inside, island

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Contest: Win 10 Dollars, And A 30 Day Text Advertising Link

I am trying to figure out, how to make this a sticky post. Ok I have upped the anty a little bit, and added some cash to the prize. The winner will receive 10 dollars cash, via Paypal, plus a free 90 day text link advertising. You must have a valid paypal address to participate, as that is how the 10 dollars will be paid. The contest starts at midnight, tonight, and goes until Oct 29th. Because this is a Homeschool Blog, I wanted it to be a little towards education, but wanted everyone to be able to enter, so here are the rules:

1- I wanted to have everyone enter, a Fall related drawing, painting, or picture they photographed, but then I realized not everyone might have pictures on their computer, so IF you do enter a picture, drawing, or painting, you will get 2 entries into the contest. The picture must be emailed to to be added to the blog. Please make sure you include your name, website, or blog, so I can keep track of how many entries you receive. Please only one picture per entry. It can be a drawing or painting, that your child did, or a Fall related photograph, please be sure it is your picture, and not just taken from the web. Please remember all pictures will be added in posts, on this blog.

2- If you leave a comment, on this post, or any post, you will receive 1 entry. Please be sure it is a relevant comment, to the subject of the post, or it will not be counted. If you comment every day, you will have an entry, every day.

3- If you Buzz up, this article, or any article, you will receive 1 entry. After you Buzz up the story you must either come back, and comment, or email me that you did so. You can do this every day, on the daily post, and get an entry every day.

4- If you blog about this contest, on your blog, or website, you will get 1 entry. Be sure to either email me, so I can verify the info, and receive your info, for tracking.

5- If you sign up to follow, my blog, that is 1 entry, or if you join my RSS feed, that is also 1 entry.

There is no age limit, for this contest, and no country limit. Please remember, you must have a valid Paypal account, to be able to receive the 10 dollars cash. Good luck to everyone, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

Friday, September 26, 2008

Talk About Taking The Winds Out Of My Sails!

Let me first say, I am not a whiner, but man I am a little sad today. I was planning on sponsoring a family, for Thanksgiving, that maybe had less than we have. There are so many families, that are suffering, and while we are not rich, I want my children to learn kindness. Last year when we bought this home, we had to fill the propane tank, at 1.99 per gallon. It is on 15%, and we called about prices, they told us if we wait until October, they are having a special of 4 dollars a gallon. I just wanted to cry. I dont live under a rock, and keep up with things, but I really had no idea that Propane had increased that much. So now I have to figure out, where I am going to scrape up 400 dollars to fill the tank. I hope it will all turn out ok, and we can still sponsor a family, for Thanksgiving. I will keep my fingers crossed, and of course have to tighten up the budget even tighter than it already is, pretty soon it will be so tight I will need baby oil to loosen it. Anyway, on a lighter note, it is Friday, and the weekend for most people. I hope everyone has a wonderful, and relaxing weekend. I am keeping my eyes, on the Stock Market, and exactly what our wonderful leaders are willing to give up, to save people who are already millionaires, while the rest of us wonder, how we are going to even keep our budgets intact.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Are You A Good Mother?

I am writing about this, because I have read on some blogs, and heard through the media, that we as a society have decided it is ok to call working mothers bad mothers. What exactly makes, a working mom, a bad mom? Some women have to work, and some women choose to work. A woman Can have a career, and be a good mother, all at the same time. Being a stay at home mom, is not optimal for everyone. Plus, just because you stay home with your children, does not mean you are a good mother. You can still be neglectful, ignorant, abusive, or just plain lazy. While I am a stay at home mom, by choice, I do work outside the home two nights a week. This is both for financial reasons, and sanity reasons. I need outside socialization. I need to feel like I contribute, and I did not become a Nurse, to never use my skills. Alot of women are single parents, and absolutely must work. Why do we not reach out to them, and offer them wisdom and support, rather than judging and criticizing. If you have never been a single parent, or in a position where you had to work, you really can not judge these women. Women should be banding together, and offering each other love and support, not being cruel and hateful. Of course the most famous working mom, right now is Sarah Palin. Mrs Palin has 5 children, is the Governor of Alaska, and running to be the Vice President of the US. She has been criticized, for not being home with her children. This is absurd, especially in this day and age. Women can be GOOD MOMS, and have a CAREER. Please lets come out of the stone ages, and into the real world.

Want to get your little ones to try something new, and healthy? Then try this cute Ghost Pot Pie recipe, and watch them gobble it down.

Friday 9/26/08 Lesson Plan:
Test Day of information covered during the week.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

700 Billion Dollars Are You Kidding Me, Halloween Fudge

I have tried really hard, not to talk about the Economy, and Politics, however since they are going hand in hand right now, I cant help it. First let me start by saying, I had heard, that it was actually Bill Clinton, that started all this spiral downwards. Since I just dont take anyones word for it, I did some research. It is true Clinton is the one, who signed the bill, at the end of his last term, that allowed the banks to have things to their advantage. He could have vetoed it, he didnt. He could have requested changes, he did not. I feel since, it was the end of his term, he figured I will just let it go through, despite the warnings that it would take 8-10 years to totally screw up the markets, and screw the American people. 1999-2008 hmm excactly 8 yrs, and look what is happening. To view the article, I read go to There are several articles on the topic, that can easily be found on the web. Now let me say the two legislators, who proposed the law, later went on to become CEO's of these investment banks, and made millions if not billions of dollars. Hmm no wonder they wanted it. How many of these legislators, including McCain and Obama have made millions of dollars, off of the tax payers, and the unknowing consumer, that had no say over these unscrupulous laws, that only protected the rich, and made them richer. I can not even begin to tell you how angry I am at both Democrats, and Republicans. It is an election year, and in my opinion they should all be fired, period. Change the banking laws back, and put some regulation into all these dealings that go one behind closed doors. I really would like to know what our candidates have invested in, made money off of, and who exactly is lobbying for them, because I dont trust a single one of them.

Now lets talk about the bail out/loan, whatever you want to call it. I have posted before, that I do not agree with this. These banks should just fail, lose their money, and start over. I dont think tax payers should be bailing them out of their risky, unscrupulous acts. Now of course, legislators, want to add more to the bail out/loan such, as bail outs for the auto industry, bail outs for defaulters of credit cards, homeowners who knowingly bought homes they knew they couldnt afford to get rewritten mortgages so they can afford said luxury home, are you kidding me. This is absurd, why should Americans bail out any of these issues? Alot of Americans have had bad debts, some filed bankruptcy, some spent years and years paying it off, why should any of us just give ones who didnt take care of their bad debt, a free handout. This is absurd, and I am completely and totally against this.700 Billion Dollars, are you kidding me. How will they pay for this, how will they get the money for this, and why should we be forced to pay for this? When will it end, it might not even work, please this is ridiculous.

Now on a lighter note, here are some nice Halloween recipes, to make for your little ones to enjoy. If you click on the picture, it will come up to full size, so you can print it, enjoy.

Lesson Plans for 9/25/08:

Reading: Read Chapter 4 of The Knight At Dawn
Health: Brushaway Plaque
PE: 30 minutes
Spelling: Place your spelling words in alphabetical order
Vocabulary: Write each vocab word, and defintion 2 times each
Math: Multiplication, addition, subtraction, problem solving
Language Arts: Phonics review, pronouns, suffixes
Writing: Write a paragraph that describes what you look like
Word Search: Dinosaurs

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Funschool, Fall And Halloween, Lesson Plans

Yesterday, we had a little extra time at the end of the day, so DJ played games on Funschool. If you have never been to Funschool, it has tons of educational, learning games, for children. We have been using it for over a year. Caitlin plays preschool games, there as well, although she prefers Nick Jr. If you have young children, both of these sites are awesome add ons to your homeschooling, after school fun, or just plain fun.

With Fall here, the air is cooler, less humidity, the leaves are starting to fall off the trees, and of course we start thinking about Halloween. Here is a bit of trivia, that my husband told me. Gainesville, FL which is about 30 min from us, is the farthest point South where leaves fall off of trees. Points south of there, stay too warm for leaves to change, and fall off. What do your children want to be for Halloween? My son always has to pick something, that I cant just find at the local Walmart. This year, he wants to be some Yugi Oh character. I found one on ebay, and did win the bid, for a very reasonable price, so he is happy. My youngest, of course, can not decide. I have looked at several different costumes, for her, none of which she can decide on. She will be my last minute costume buyer. I still can not find any of my fall decorations, I can not imagine where they are. Over the next weeks, I will be posting some very cool Halloween recipes, craft ideas, etc. So be sure to watch for them. I will also be announcing a new contest. This time it will be for both blogs. This blog will win a free 2 month link, on the side bar. My jewelry blog, will win a ring made by me. I want it to be Fall themed, but also to increase my traffic, and readers. If anyone has any ideas, between now and Sept 30th please share.

Lesson Plans for 9/24/08

This is a half day, so the lesson plan is much shorter than usual.

Reading: Read chapter 3 of The Knight At Dawn
Spelling Lesson 4: Write each spelling word and circle the consonants
Vocabulary Lesson 4: Think of a synonym for each vocabulary word
Math: Multiplication, sums and differences

Monday, September 22, 2008

Have You Lost Weight, But Can Not Get Those Extra 10 Pounds Off?

Then you need to try Xflosion XFLOWSION

Xflowsion, hosted by personal trainer Eric Paskel, is a triple threat workout series. Xflowsion, offers you a triple threat, that combines Martial Arts, Yoga, and Dance, to keep you moving, and sweating without being bored. You will stretch, raise your heart rate, and condition your body with Xflowsion. Anyone who has ever lost weight, knows that the last 10 pounds are so hard to lose. Xflowsion will help you get over that hump, and lose those last pesky pounds, with the Plateau Blast. Maybe you are new to weight loss, and don't know how to begin. Xflowsion, will get you moving, toning, and stretching in no time. Be sure to speak with your medical professional, before beginning a workout routine, especially if you have never exercised before or have a medical condition.

Because you get a 3 in 1 workout system, with Xflowsion, you will see super fast results in 1/3 of the time of just doing one program at a time. Xflowsion, is available for 3 easy low payments, of 19.95 each. You get the whole set for that one low price, easily paid in 3 monthly payments. Why not change your health today, lose weight, feel great, beat the plateau blues with Xflowsion.

Come and join the thousands of others, who have already learned the 3 in 1 power, of Xflowsion. You have no risk, as there is a 30 day money back guarantee. So click the link, check it out, if you love it give it a try. There is nothing to lose, except those pesky pounds, and everything to gain.


Homeschool Resource Of The Day, Homeschool Buyers Co-Op

Homeschool buyers co-op is offering it members up to 40% off on Micrscopes, and slides. If you have a child that is learning Biology, then a Microscope is very hand, and almost necessary. Homeschool Buyers co-op is free to join, and they will automatically send you offers in the mail. They actually have two special buys this week, the second one, is Discovery Education Health. This program has never been offered to Homeschoolers before. It is being offered at a 50% discount, for a limited time. To check it out go to I do not see an expiration date for the offer, so read carefully. The Microscope offer, ends on 10/13, to check it out go to

This week at Homeschool Resource of the day, the following free items are being offered. If you sign up for their newsletter, they will send you these offers, free to your email, every Sunday or Monday.

Monday, Sept 22: Emergency Prep for YOUR Family

Print this out. Read it. Make a plan with your family.
Keep this handy "just in case".

Tuesday, Sept 23: What to Do When Your Daughter Hates Being
in the Kitchen

Excellent little ebook on motivating your young folk to do their share
of the household work, and understand the reasons they are doing it.
Gets at the attitudes & heart of the problem. Good stuff!

Wednesday, Sept 24: Sew Modest Tips

A collection of very helpful sewing and modest dressmaking tips
and ideas from the Ringger family.

Thursday, Sept 25: The Morals of Chess by Benjamin Franklin (MP3)

Great audio recitation of Franklin's classic essay on how the game of
chess teaches real-world lessons and develops strong character.
You'll definitely be wanting to teach your kids to play chess after
listening to this. Extra: Great beginners' Chess rules guide included!

Friday, Sept 26: Treasure Island: A Paratey Literature Seminar For Kids

Lesson Plans for 9/23/08:

Spelling Lesson 4: Write each spelling word, and circle the vowels
Vocabulary Lesson 4: Use each vocabulary word in a sentence
Reading: Read Chapter 2 of The Knight at Dawn
Math: Multiplication, subtracting 4 digit numbers
Language Arts: Phonics review, pronouns, suffixes
Science: Plants and animals of the sea- Octopuses
Spanish: Parts of the body
PE- 30 minutes
Writing: Write a story about meeting your family

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Civil War Lessons, Elephant Lessons All Free

Oh the weather is finally cooling off. Fall here, in the south, is nothing like fall up north, but I still love it. The air is less humid, nights are cool enough to open the windows, and very often can stay open until New Years. We definately did not do that when we lived up north.

If you would like some free lesson plans on the Civil War, and Elephants you can go to the next two sites. They are free, and I will be adding them both, into my already done Curriculum where ever I can squeeze them in.

Lesson Plan for 9/22/08

Spelling Lessson 4: Write each spelling word two times each, once print, and once in cursive. main, daily, safe, jail, tale, blame, explain, awake, mail, raise, paid, paint, baked, claim, train.

Vocabulary Lesson 4: Look up the definition for the following words: daily, safe, jail, tale, blame, explain, mail, paid, baked, claim

Writing: Things I am not allowed to do

Math: Multiplication, adding 4 digit numbers

Language Arts: Phonics review, possessive pronouns, suffixes

Reading: Read chapter 1 of The Knight At Dawn

Spanish: Parts of the body

Social Studies: Connecticut, Community Rights Guarded

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Am Tired And Grumpy

I work 11-7, every Friday and Saturday night. I worked last night, and thank goodness I took a nap before. That is not common practice for me, on a usual Friday. Due to my husbands new work schedule, however, I have to get a little nap in, or I may not get any sleep. At 6:45 this morning, when I am dying to go home, the nurse that is relieving me comes in, has a temper tantrum about her assignment, and promptly leaves. At first no one was real concerned, because we thought she just went to smoke a cigarette, or cool off, and would return. Nope she never came back, never called, nothing. So unprofessional, irritating, and yes completely legal in a right to work state. As long as she had not yet accepted her assignment, she can just leave with no notice, and that is exactly what she did. So I had to wait around, because I did have the narcotic keys, for them to decide who would relieve me. Of course this is always a major battle, as no one wants to come in and work, even though they are on call, and get paid to be on call. I never got out until, almost two hours late, and am now going to bed, in a very grumpy mood. I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Perfect Job

DJ had a writing assignment this week, that asked him to pick the perfect job, and write about it. Of course he picked race car driver, and wrote a big long story about why this would be the perfect job. Obviously for me, his mother, I would not agree, but to an 8 yr old it is perfect. Anyway, it got me thinking about my career, and how I came to choose it. I have been a nurse for 21 years, and mostly chose that profession, because my mother told me not to. I was a stubborn child, and really hated being told what to do. So I went to nursing school out of spite, LOL. Nursing has been good to me. When I worked in the hospitals, I learned so much. Because I was brave, and energetic, two things that have sort of waned with aging, I was able to learn and see alot of things. Here in Florida, I work in a local nursing home. While it is not my preference, for Nursing, it is a job, and has taught me a whole lot about respect, love, generosity, and ones right to make decisions for themselves, even when we think they might not be able to. Geriatrics, is completely different, from acute care, in a lot of ways. I can say I have learned a lot, just in a different way. When I look back on my career, I am pleased as to the places it has brought me. If I were in high school today, and choosing a career, would I choose Nursing? I dont know, if I would. Nursing is not today, what it was 21 yrs ago. The pay is decent, as far as pay goes, but working conditions are not always optimal. I think maybe my perfect job, would have been a Lawyer. I love a good argument, and I never play to lose. I think my aggressive, relentless personality, would make me perfect for the court room, plus I find the law fascinating, as well as human behavior. So what would be your perfect job, if you could choose the perfect job, and why?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Economy, Finance, Stock Market, Cute Pencil Holder Craft

Tomorrow is test day, so I do not have a lesson plan to post. So I get to talk about some other topics, instead.

What does everyone think about the US government, bailing out or giving bridge loans, to big Wallstreet investment banks? I know if they dont do something, the economy will supposedly fall completely apart. I am not sure I believe that, nor am I sure it is fair for US taxpayers, to have to pay for people who do high risk investments, and even borderline legal dealings. I think they should just be allowed to fail, and pick up the pieces wherever they may fall. Taxpayers will pay, no matter which road they take. I dont think paying these CEO's who themselves, and their companies, have become extremely rich, through their dealings, should continue to get big fat pay checks, while we the taxpayers pay for it. I think it is just plain wrong. My husband has a 401K, through his job. Thank goodness, he only had a very small amount of it invested, in the Stock Market. I hate to think how much money, the average person has lost, through the dealings of these big investment companies.

Here is the craft project, for your little ones to try. It is to make a pencil, or crayon holder. Feel free to print, and use it as you wish. We are not making ours, exactly as shown, my kids picked some other decals they wanted to use instead. So it is versatile, and you can tweek it as you see fit.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stereotypes, Cruel Public School, Lesson Plan For 9/17/08

Every Friday, and Saturday, night I work, as a Nurse. I work with a young lady, who has a 5 yr old daughter. They have had a rough time the last few years, and her daughter has had a hard time adjusting. The mom had some reservations about sending her to public school, and had discussed homeschooling with me, a few times. She opted to try public school, as she felt the tons of socialization would do her daughter good. 12 days, after entering public school, the teacher was already telling her, that her daughter was stupid and did not know how to do anything. She also informed, the mom, that after only 12 days she could not teach her, and was going to have her evaluated for special classes. That she had several other teachers, and could not take the time to teach her child. Needless to say she was very upset, crying all weekend, and beside herself. I gave her all the information, I had on homeschooling, and she is once again considering pulling her child and homeschooling instead. I for one can not believe any teacher, would talk to a child or parent in such a manner, but I know for a fact it happens. I have not personally experienced it, but know others who have. If you cant teach a child, then why are you a teacher? Not all children learn the same, and not all children can advance at the same pace. I think these teachers are ridiculous, and probably chose the wrong profession.

As I posted previously, my son started going to an after school program, here in our town. For Socialization purposes, and to be with children, that are not just homeschooled. He had his first day Monday, and he loves it. He did say a boy asked him, if he went to regular school. DJ said no, I am homeschooled, and the little boy said then you must not know anything. Unfortunately, that is a stereotype, here in this area, that homeschooled children, just dont know anything. I told him to just let it slide of his shoulders, and go on with things. He knows the truth, and that is all that matters.

Here are the Lesson Plans for 9/18/08

Spelling: Lesson 3- write each spelling word in alphabetical order
Vocab: Lesson 3- write each vocab word, and definition 2 times each
Writing: Write a book report, for the book Dinosaurs Before Dark
Health: Visiting Dr Bicuspid- Dental health
PE: 30 monutes
Math: Multiplication, addition, subtraction, greater than and less than
Language Arts: Phonics review, prefixes, pronouns
Spanish: Parts of the body
Arts and Crafts: This is usually done on Fridays but has been moved up to Thursday, due to scheduling restraints. This week, we will be making pencil/crayone holders. I will post pictures of them completed, and directions, for anyone that wants to do the same craft.

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, we had extra time, at the end of each day. DJ watched Earth The Biography- Planets, and Volcanoes. Each program is 1 hr in length, and can be seen on the National Geographic Channel.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Homeschool Freebie Of The Day, Cat Deterrant, and Lesson Plans

I missed posting yesterdays Homeschool Freebie of the day, but here are the maining ones for the week:

Tuesday, Sept 16: Stories To Tell To Childen (& How to Tell Them)
Classic book of read-aloud stories with instructions on
how to be a better storyteller. Excellent!

Wednesday, Sept 17: The Absurd ABC by Walter Crane
Delightful ABC rhymes with wonderful Crane illustrations

Thursday, Sept 18: Required Poems for Memorization
A collection of classic poems which were originally required reading
& meant for memorization in school grades 3 and 4 in the early 1900s.
Wonderful verses, great for reading aloud, recitation & remembering.

Friday, Sept 19: ???? Can you guess the mysterious Friday resource ????
Be sure to stop by the site to check out our weekend goodie!

Make a note of the ones you want, and be sure to stop
by that day and get your copy!

You can download all of these on their respective days
at our site:

Does anyone know how I can get stray cats to stay out of my yard? Obviously I do not wish to cause them any harm, but I need something to deter them. The dog scares them away, but they come back. They urinate all over, including my front porch, and of course it stinks. They go on my roof, under the house, and are basically just a menace. They are strays, and animal control refuses to come get them. So how do I keep them out of my yard, and no a fence doesnt work, they just climb it. Any advice, is greatly appreciated.

Lesson Plans for 9/17/08:

Spelling Lesson 3: Write each spelling word, and the circle the consonants
Vocabulary Lesson 3: Try to name a synonym, for each vocabulary word
Writing: Pick the perfect job, and explain why it is perfect
Social Studies: Colorado and Resource roundup- learning about natural resources
Math: Multiplication, addition, subtraction, understanding greater than and less than
Language Arts: Phonics review, punctuation, and pronouns
Spanish: Parts of the body
Reading: Read chapter 10 of Dinosaurs Before Dark

Monday, September 15, 2008

Free Unit Study On The Aztecs, Lesson Plan for 9/16/08

Now that the Tropics, are finally quiet, I can stop focusing on the weather, and start thinking about Fall decorating. Funny thing is, I cant seem to find any of my Fall decorations. I can not imagine where they are. I am hoping the gas refineries, and oil platforms, will only be offline for a short amount of time. I am interested to see what the Dow does today, and what gas closes at. It could be a rocky few weeks, or even months. Lets hope not though.

This weeks free Unit Study, from School Express, is on the Aztecs. I use all of the ones they send me, I squeeze them into the curriculum wherever I can. To get your free weekly Unit Study go to sign up for the free newsletter, and every week they will send you a different topic. Some people homeschool using just unit studies, and they do offer different packages to accomodate that.

Lesson Plan for 9/16/08

Spelling Lesson 3: Write each spelling word, and circle the vowels
Vocabulary Lesson 3: Write a sentence, using each vocabulary word
Reading: Read chapter 9 of Dinosaurs Before Dark
Science: Plants and animals of the sea- Seahorses
Writing: Draw and write, what you ate for breakfast
PE: 30 minutes
Math: Multiplication, place value 4 digit numbers, addition, and subtractions
Language Arts: Phonics review, commas, pronouns
Spanish: Parts of the body

If time permits, play learning games on Leapster L-max, arts and crafts, and or music.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lesson Plan For 9/15/08, After School Program

Tomorrow, DJ starts going to the after school program, at a local kids center. I chose this option, due to difficulty finding Homeschool groups, that were diverse, and suitable to my needs. I have started a yahoo group, for anyone who lives in Gilchrist County. So if anyone from, my area stumbles across this blog, go to to join. Me, and my children, are the only members so far. I dont anticipate anyone joining anytime soon, as it is such a rural area, but I will be advertising it. Caitlin can not go, at this time. They offer a free preschool program, but it is 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week, and that I definately do not want. So she will stay with the free preschool at the local library, one day a week, for an hours. She is enjoying that, and it is perfect for her for now. Our field trip, to the ocean, planned for 9/26/08, may be moved up to the 19th, or postponed, until gas prices become reasonable again.

Lesson Plan for 9/15/08

Spelling List Lesson 3: little, its, under, rock, dead, past, them, collar, dug, does, gobble, bottom, level, felt, next Write each spelling words 2 times each. One time printing, and one time in cursive.

Vocabulary List Lesson 3: Look up the definition for each word: little, under, rock, past, collar, gobble, bottom, level, felt, next

Read Chapter 8 of Dinosaurs Before Dark

Writing: Imagine you have super powers

Spanish: Parts of the body

Math: Multiplication, addding and subtracting 3 numbers

Language Arts: Phonics review, commas, pronouns

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Ike, Up Up Up Goes The Gas Prices

I was at work, last night, when Hurricane Ike came ashore, in Texas. Of course we couldnt see much, on the TV, because it was dark, but what we could see looked pretty bad. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Texas, as they weather this awful storm. They said there is already 4 million people without power.

We filled up our gas tank last night, when they announced gas prices, could double after the storm. On my way home, this morning, here where we are, prices are already up 50 cents. On the morning news, they said gas prices are 8 dollars a gallon, in Arkansas, and 5 dollars in many places. They also said gas stations, are running out of gas. I hope this is just a short time thing, and not a long term effect.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Learning HTML Code, Socialization, New Schedule, Hurricane Ike

First let me apologize, for being so hurried this morning. My husbands job, has once again changed his work hours, so I am adjusting to yet another schedule. It is not a big deal, except for Friday and Saturdays, when I work the night shift, at my job. I did get through most of my Entrecard drops, if I missed anyone I will catch you tomorrow morning, when I get home. There were tons of blogs, I could have left comments, on but I am rushed for time. I will get to those as well. Kalilea, has a very cool video I want to watch, as well, I will have to get to that tomorrow as well.

I have to grocery shop, in like the next 10 minutes, then get Caitlin to Preschool, at the local library, and DJ is going to take a tour of his new after school program, at a local kids center. That is what they call it, and he will be joining for a few hours, 3 days a week, for socialization with other children. It is kind of pricy, but I have tried the Homeschool Group route, and that is like joining a Sorority or something. I dont have time for stringent rules, minimum amount of hours to volunteer, etc if I wanted all that I would just send them to public school. I did start my own group, not just for homeschoolers, if I get any members, I will probably drop the other. Then I get to come home, and get to bed for a nap, before I go to work tonight. My husband has a webinar, at Noon, yes he does work online too. Most of this change in my sleeping habits, stems from the fact that on Sundays, he has to be to work by 10, and I get absolutely no sleep. So I have to sleep in the evening, in order to be able to maintain myself through out Sunday. I am not happy about this, but I do what I have to do.

If anyone knows, a simple and cheap way to learn how to do HTML code, I would love to know. I have no idea, how to do it myself, and I think it is time I learned. Any assistance, is always greatly appreciated.

One more note, Hurricane Ike, is barreling its way towards Galveston, Texas, I hope everyone has headed the warnings, and left town. They say it is going to be a Hurricane for the record books. Our gas prices, have already gone up 50 cents, so watch those gas prices, too. Be safe, and have a wonderful Friday, I will be back Saturday.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Do You Remember Where You Were On 9/11/01

It has been 7 yrs, since the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers. Do you remember where you were, on that awful day? I do, I was at work. My son was a year old, and at day care. I worked the day shift then, and the hospital was extremely busy. I had taken my breakfast break, and as I was coming out of the break room, I noticed a Dr standing, and watching the TV. Normally not something that would catch my eye, but this particular Dr had made it very well known to us, how much she hated TV, and never watched it. So of course I was curious, as to what had caught her interest. I went in the room, and saw her looking at the first Tower, on fire. I said what is that? She said, that is a building in NYC, that a plane just hit. I stood there with her, watching, as the reporter was saying it was a horrible accident, and they were working on how it happened. Just right then, the second plane came in, and smashed into the second Tower. Right in front of us, we just looked at each other.

I lived about 3 hrs from NYC, at that time, and was very scared as to what was going to happen next. I could not wait for my shift to get over, so I could get my son, and get home. Do you remember what you were doing, on that fateful day? Please remember to say a special prayer, for the victims, and their families. If you dont pray, or dont believe in prayer, a moment of silence will work just fine. Dont forget all the first responders, who risked their own lives, trying to save the lives of others. So many were lost that day.

Tomorrow 9/12/08 is Test Day, here at Melissas Homeschool, so there is no lesson plan to post.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Which Subject Is Hardest, Lesson Plan For 9/11/08

First please lets remember the victims of the terrible 9/11 attacks, on the Twin Towers. I will talk more about that tomorrow 9/11/08.

Todays Homeschool topic, is what is the hardest subject to teach, and or learn. When I was in school, many moons ago, I found Language Arts, to be the hardest to learn. Probably because I found it intensely boring. I loved to read, but grammar and writing were torture for me. Now that I am teaching my own children, I find phonics to be the hardest to teach. My son, did phonics, in public school, so I only had to supplement that. He reads, at a very high level now. My 4 yr old, is just starting to learn phonics, and I am finding it difficult to teach. Knowing how to read, and teaching it is not easy. There are several different techniques, we are using. She is a visual learner, so the Internet, books, and even DVD's are very helpful to her. So what subjects did you find hard to learn, and or teach?

This is the Lesson Plan, for 9/11/08

Reading- Read chapter 7 of Dinosaurs Before Dark
Health- Dental Health, plus go to this website for more on teeth
Writing- Tell a story about a magic car
Math- Multiplication, addition, subtraction, estimate sums and differences
Language Arts- Phonics review, nouns, choose the right tool
Spelling lesson 2- put your words in alphabetical order
Vcabulary lesson 2- try to think of a synonym for each vocabulary word
Spanish- Parts of the body

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lets Talk Elections, Lesson Plan For 9/10/08, And How About Some Football

It is a good start to the week. Hurricane Ike, appears to have taken a curve, and will be moving away from us. My thoughts, are with those who it will be heading towards. We love Football, in our house. The Gators won on Saturday, both my husbands team the Steelers, and my team the Bills, both won on Sunday. Plus we both won in our Fantasy Football leagues. Yipee a great start. If you have never played Fantasy Football, it really is a lot of fun.

Now for a little politics. My son sees me watching the news, and of course they are talking about the candidates alot. Since he is 8, I figured it was a great time, to start to explain the election process to him. Nothing real in depth, just the basics. So then of course, he has to ask me who am I voting for? I told him I am still undecided. I like both candidates, for very different reasons, and it will be a hard decision for me. He said Oh, and went on his way. So what about all of you. Have you decided yet, if yes for whom. If not, what is holding you back?

Lesson Plan for 9/10/08

First let me say we do not ever do homework. If something is not completed, this very rarely happens, it will completed on another day.

Writing- You are a secret agent
Reading- Chapter 6 of Dinosaurs Before Dark
Social Studies Communities Helping Hands, California
Math- Multiplication, addition, subtraction, rounding 3 digit numbers
Language Arts- Phonics review, plural possessives, nouns
Spanish- Parts of the body
Spelling- Lesson 2
Vocabulary- Lesson 2 think of a synonym for each word
Music I can play piano, if time permits

Monday, September 8, 2008

Lesson Plan for 9/9/08, Fun Ebook About Amphibians, Homeschool Resource Of The Day

Today I am going to start with a free activity printable ebook about Amphibians. This is the free resource, for this week, offered by School Express. If you are not a member of School Express, just go to their website sign up for their free newsletter, and recieve every week, a free themed unit, or fun ebook, to download and print. This is not a paid post, those are clearly marked, this is just resource sharing.

This weeks free homeschool resource of the day items available are as follows:

Monday, Sept 8: The Adventures of Pinocchio
Delightful audio dramatization starring Mel Blanc
(the voice of Bugs Bunny) + coloring pages to keep
little hands busy! Cool!

Tuesday, Sept 9: The Story Book of Science
A classic "living book" of stories
about science in nature, provided by
Yesterday's Classics.

Wednesday, Sept 10: 60 Easy Recipes for Body & Bath
Make your own lotions, bath salts, etc.
for family use or as gifts!

Thursday, Sept 11: The Pearl Box, 100 Beautiful Stories
for Young People - classic inspirational &
moral tales for little ones

Friday, Sept 12: Be A Stargazer
Great classic book introducing Astronomy & the
science of light
You can download these free ebooks, and incorporate them into your lesson plans. I will be downloading the Science ebook, available on Tuesday. Go to to sign up for their free newsletter, and every Sunday, you will get a week worth of free homeschool resources.

Lesson Plan for 9/9/08 is as follows:

Science- Plants and animals of the sea- starfish
Read chapter 5 of Dinosaurs Before Dark
Writing- What did you like best about Summer Vacation
PE- 30 minutes
Math- Multiplication, addition, subtraction, numbers and order
Language Arts- singular possessive nouns, phonics review, sentences
Spanish- Parts of the body

If time permits Music, and The story book of science

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lesson Plan For 9/8/08, A Magazine, Homeschool Book,Spanish Parts Of The Body

Today, I have some interesting things, to share with you, plus my lesson plan for tomorrow.

First is this great Homeschool Book, called The Unofficial Guide To Homeschooling, by Kathy Ishizuka. My husband signed this out, at our local library, for me to read. See picture below, this book is chock full of information. It has all the homeschool laws, for each state. It has tons of website links, that offer reduced, or free resources. It also has, insider secrets, money saving techniques, time saving tips, the latest trends, handy checklists and charts. This book is a great read for anyone who homeschools, is thinking of homeschooling, or even for people who need some advice on giving their children a little extra help in school.

Next, is this great magazine, my husband bought at the supermarket the other day. I go to the supermarket often, and I have never seen this particular magazine. It is called Wonder Time, and is both a parenting magazine, and a magazine a young reader might like to read. It is not geared toward homeschooling, in particular, but it does have great ideas for parenting, school in general, crafts, nutrition, etc. I thought it was kind of expensive at 4.95, but there was info I could use again, so it was ok.

After finally, finding my Spanish software, we have added Spanish, back into our lesson plans. This week, we are studying parts of the body. The pages shown, are picture dictionaries, scanned onto my computer. You can print them, and use them, if you like. The software is called Instand Immersion Spanish, The Euro Method, and I purchased it at Walmart, for not an expensive price. It is a 2 disc set, for beginners, and advanced speaking. It is simple to use, and fun too. We already mastered colors, and numbers to 10, so we have skipped those two sections. If anyone is interested in those picture dictionaries, just post a comment, and I will post them for you to print for your own use.

One last thing, I would like to add, about useful sites. Busy Teachers Cafe, has great free printables, for clever writing ideas, for younger children. They list them as daily assigments, for every day of the week. They are great, you should check them out.

Lesson Plan for Monday 9/8/08

Reading- Read Chapter 4 of Dinosaurs Before Dark.
Writing- Imagine you have a fairy god mother.
Spanish- Parts of the body.
Music- If time permits, I can play piano
Spelling Lesson 2- ice, pick, gone, case, faces, cage, magic, age, wagon, give, giant, once, danger, places, climb.
Vocab List Lesson 2- ice, cage, magic, age, wagon, give, giant, once, danger, climb
Math- Multiplication, addition, subtraction, greater than and less than.
Language Arts- Sentences, plural nouns, phonics review
Beavers Themed Unit I do have this saved to my computer, if anyone is interested in it, just comment me, and I will upload it for you to print.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Is Test Day Here At Melissas Homeschool, Bathroom Stenciling

To test, or not to test, that is the question of the day. I know homeschoolers have their own style of teaching, but what about testing. Do you give tests to your children? Every Friday, unless school is closed that day, DJ takes a series of tests, made up by me, covering material he learned that week, or previous weeks. I find this to be the best way, for me, to be sure he is retaining what he already learnt, plus I also believe learning through repetition is a great way to remember things. The tests, are short, and cover all subjects, plus a reading comprehension, which I have a book that I take that from. This year, because he is in 3rd grade, I am going to have him take a standardized test, come Spring. The homeschool evaluatorn, said it was not necessary, for him to go to college, but it certainly helps, as they need to know how to take those kinds of tests, once they start preparing for college. So how about you, and your homeschool style?

As stated earlier, in the week, my children for arts and crafts, this week, were going to paint stencils on the master bath cupboards. I chose stencils, because I thought it would be neater. Nope not really, they still made a pretty good mess. It washed up easy though. Note to others, stencils are not perfect, the pain can run behind them and mess up the picture as you will see. Caitlin used way too much paint, and hers kind of smudged. She also had it running completely, down the cupboard, not shown as I wiped it off. DJ's was better, but also the stencil smudged behind the picture, and when I wiped it off, I wiped off part of his bumblebee. For their very first real painting project, I would say it went pretty well. Next time though, I will let them just do free hand, and do whatever they want. I hope everyone has a great weekend. We are keeping one eye on Hanna, the other on Ike, and I have to work night shift this weekend too. So if I dont get much accomplished, that is why.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Right To Work States, A Little Bit Of A Rant

Since tomorrow is test day, I have no lesson plan to post today. We test every Friday, so I know if material learned was retained. Tomorrow is also Library Day. So today is going to be a bit of a venting session for me. Let me give a little bit of background first. I am from NY state. I lived there, most of my life, as well as Chicago for a short time. I worked full time, my whole life, until I had my second child, so I have some experience in the work force. We moved to Florida, because my mother moved here to help in the pain she suffered from Fibromyalgia. Her friend, that was here with her, passed away, leaving her all alone. We made the choice to move here, so she was not here all alone.

I have no idea how many right to work states there really are, but they stink. What does right to work mean, it means exactly that, you have a right to work and that is your only right. Yes they have to follow Federal Laws for minimum wages, and OSHA standards, but aside from that Florida Labor Laws basically do not exist. There are two Florida Labor Laws, one you have to be paid for every minute that you worked, it can take months to get it, but that is a right. Second, you have to be paid overtime, if you work overtime. Right to work means, basically you can be treated like crap, and there isnt a thing you can do about it. You can be fired at any time, for any reason. They can cut your wages, at any time, change your work hours, at any time, basically treat you like crap with absolutely no accountability at all. I see no benefit to being a right to work state, other than for the employer. I have never seen so many people get fired, in all my years of working, both from my job and my husbands job. My husband has worked at this current job, for almost a year. They have fired almost the entire staff, and have had 3 different managers in that time. They change his hours of work, and days of work, almost monthly. They will be changing it again next month, to make him be the assistant manager, at another place, with no more pay, alot more headaches, and yet again a new schedule. I am sure you can imagine what a pain this is. You can not ever make plans to do anything, at least not in advance, because you never know if they are going to change your schudule. They dont ever want to give raises, yet they expect you to bend over and kiss their a**es, if you do get overtime they will give you another day off, so they dont have to pay overtime, which is against the one of two laws this state has, but no one stands up to it because they dont want to be fired. Well frankly, I can be a wallflower if it suits my needs, but can be a barracuda, if I need to. I am tired of the good old boy, treat me like a rug and like it mentality, be a good a** kisser, and you can keep your job bull, of this right to work crap. I know there is a push, for the right to work status, of Florida to be changed. I am ready to jump on that band wagon. If anyone knows of who is running the push, or who to contact I would love to know. I will be researching it, and yes I am going to become active in it. I am sure it will be a fight, but I havent had a good fight in some time. So if anyone actually read this rant, thanks for listening, I feel better now. I wont feel completely better, until this is changed. Do you live in a right to work state? What is your experience, with it?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lessons for 9/4/08, Question About Yahoo Buzz, Great Field Trip Idea

This post is packed full today. I have limited time, now, so I am adding more than one thing per post on most days.

First is a question. Has anyone tried Yahoo Buzz, yet? I know it is fairly new, but I am interested in what users think of it. What do you like, or dislike, about it?

Second, for any of my local readers, to the Gainesville area. The Gainesville Museum, has a cool exhibit called Grossology. It is basically a travel through the Human Body. I thought it was a great field trip idea, and we will definately be going to it. That makes 4 field trips, we have planned so far. It is open from 10 AM-4PM Sept 27th-Jan 11th, so there is plenty of time to see it.

Here are our lessons for 9/4/08
Spelling Lesson 1- put your spelling words in alphabetical order

Vocabulary Lesson 1- write the definition for each vocab word two times each

Math- muliplication, addition, subtraction, expanded notations

Language Arts- nouns, phonics review, punctuation

Reading- read chapter 3 of Dinosaurs Before Dark

Writing- tell what makes a good friend

Health- care of your eyes and ears, and how healthy are you?

If you want a cool website to help with teaching of your body, here are two and The second is an eye test, you take with your kids.

PE- 30 minutes

Recess- 30 minutes

Spanish if time permits

Caitlin will be starting preschool at the local library, on Fridays, in addition to preschool at home. This weeks arts and crafts project, is a surprise, and is usually done on Fridays. However, due to the length of time involved I will be doing it either Wed or Thurs of this week. I recently painted our master bath, and my husband suggested letting the kids paint on the cupboards. At first I was like, no way, they have never really painted. He laughed and said, who cares, only we use that bathroom, and it will have lasting memories. So that is the art project for this week. I bought some special stencils, and we will see how it goes. Stay tuned for pictures of the outcome.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lessons For 9/3/08, Freebies Alert, The Tropics

Right behind Gustov, comes Hanna, Ike and possibly Josephine. Hanna, will definately be effecting Florida, and possibly so will Ike. So as per usual, these days, we are watching the tropics.

This weeks School Express freebie is a themed unit on Amphibians. To get it go to sign up for their free newsletter, and every Sunday, or Monday they will send you a free unit study.

Today is our first day of school, and here is the lesson plans for 9/3/08

Spelling Lesson 1
Vocabulary Lesson 1
Math multiplication, addition and subtraction
Language Arts phonics review, nouns, capitalization
Read 2nd chapter of Dinosaurs Before Dark
Writing Tell about one place where you have alot of fun
Social Studies Targeting Communities, and Arkansas work sheet
Music I can play piano, if time permits

These are work sheets on communities, that we are using. You should be able to print them and use them if you like.

Monday, September 1, 2008

My Top Entrecard Droppers For August and A Question

Before I get to my top droppers, I would like to ask a question. What learning type are you, and or your children? For example I am someone who prefers to learn by doing. Seeing it is great, but doing it works best for me. Auditory type learning really doesnt do much for me at all. My children, however learn a little different. My son, DJ, is a completely visual learner. He will suck up information, he sees, and apply it very quickly. My daughter Caitlin, is a combo, I think. She is only 4, so it might be hard to distinguish, yet. But she definately is a visual, doer, combo learner. So how about your children, or yourself?

Now here are my top 10 Entrecard droppers, for the month of August. So far according to the poll, 90 percent of my traffic is coming from Entrecard. I know that is not completely accurate, because I have family, and friends that read this as well. As always thank you to everyone who drops their cards, comments, and reads my blog every day. Oh yeah I almost forgot Happy Labor Day, too.

The blog, that I advertised my card on, and got the most visitors from it was with a whopping 90 visits generated.

Please feel free to visit, any of these great blogs. They are all very good.

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