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Monday, March 11, 2019

Do You Love Change?

I generally am not all that fond of change.  Unless it is the kind I can put in a jar and save for something fun.  However, change is an integral part of life, and we are yet again making changes. 

I will be moving from day shift to evening shift, at my 2 day a week job.  This will just be better for homeschooling, at least until I am certain my daughter will be an independent learner.  My son did not master that until he was a Senior.  He had been helping me, with his sister, but is college work has just been too much to add helping teach her.  I actually might like 2nd shift more.  I am more used to it, and getting up at 3 30 am to be there by 6 isn't so great. 

We have fallen behind on History and Science, because of the issue stated above.  On the days I would work, Caitlin would do Math, and pretty much not anything else.  We have completed quite a lot of Language Arts, so for the rest of the year, I will do once a week testing for Language Arts, and that is it for that subject.  That way we can use that hour to catch up on History and Science.  I am not sure if I mentioned this previously, but we have switched to Oceanography on Easy Peasy Homeschool, and it is amazing for us. 

We continue to work our way through American History.  Since a lot of the Middle School Years were spent on Revolutionary times, I am stressing more of modern times.  We are currently on WW1, and I am spending a bit of time here, and WW2.  We will get to Vietnam and Korean War, also.  I don't ever even remember learning about the Korean War.  If we get to 911 and all that, that would be great too.  

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