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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years, Newspaper, Painting Class and More

First, and most importantly, I would like to thank all my readers who make my blog a success. 2011 was an awesome year, and you all helped make it happen. Without readers my blog would be just a bunch of stuff I put on the internet. So Happy New Year to you all! May 2012 be full of blessings and good luck. Speaking of 2012, how many of you think the world is going to end on December 21, 2012? Because, I really don't want to spend all that money Christmas shopping for no reason!Link

We made the front page of the local newspaper, The Levy County Journal! All right, we live in a small town, so making the front page of the paper is not really hard. But, it was in all three local papers. I told you about the photography class we did with Ranger Pam. She took a picture on the last day of class and it was put in the paper. It must have been a slow Christmas news week, or we probably wouldn't have been on the cover. The kids were excited. I was excited they weren't in the paper for stealing or something, lol! Not all the kids were able to go the second day, and not all members went to the class at all. But, it is a pretty good sized group. Ranger Pam is having a classroom built at the Refuge and will be having more classes when it is done. We can't wait.

We also had a playdate this week, and painting class. The kids picked polar bears as the theme. So the kids drew out their pictures on paper. DJ painted his right on the paper. His is the only one that looks like a polar bear. If you look at the pics my mom's looks like a sheep, mine a white buffalo and Caitlin's a giant snowball. Her turtle looks nice though. Wait that isn't a turtle its a seal. A green seal, Caitlin? LOL!

I have to work tonight, and I am testing out a peanut butter pie on my co-workers. I have never made one, but my mom wants one for her birthday next week. It really was quite simple so I hope it tastes good.

I am once again way behind on my Entrecard drops. My apologies, I am trying to catch up. I still have to finish grading DJ's papers for second semester report cards.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Great Gifts For New Readers

Caitlin got this, Jingle All the Way, interactive story book for Christmas. She asked my mother for it, and she got it for her. There is another book in the series for Jingle as well. There is also three other animals to choose from.

Why do I love this book? It comes with a cute dog, Jingle, and the book is interactive. Caitlin has already read through it twice, and even worked through the hard words she didn't know. This is a great motivational reading tool, especially for reluctant readers. It doesn't actually read the book to your child. The child has to read it, and certain phrases in the book cause the dog to react. It is really cute and fun.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Well Christmas is over, and I am happy. Why? Because Christmas is very tiring. We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Every year is good, but this year seemed more relaxed. We did have a bit of sad news. My sister in laws father passed on Christmas Eve. It was kind of not unexpected though, not that it made it any easier to have to start planning a funeral on Christmas.

I spent more money this year, than normal. But for once, and I have been there almost seven years, my job gave me a bonus. This was way back in August and I saved it for gifts. Even my husband got a lot of gifts. We usually try to stick to the rule of three gifts for each child, that didn't happen this year, and I don't even feel guilty. The dogs even got a gift. Who am I kidding, like the kids would let me leave them out, lol! Biscuit is staring into the wrapping paper box, because she knows the outer wrapper to her bone is in there, and she thinks she wants it, lol. DJ got a karaoke machine, the Cadillac version thanks to my husband. Craig spent all Christmas day singing for us and the whole neighborhood. It was in the eighties and the windows were open. DJ and I sung a bit too, but Caitlin and Nonie would have no part.

Today we went shopping, because you have to spend all that money relatives gave you. Caitlin bought some Vet station thing. It is huge, and I really tried to talk her out of it. DJ got the other game he wanted, and Craig decided to save his. Now that is a stunner. I did get gifts too. I must have been extra good this year, because I got an Ereader which hasn't arrived yet, two jewelry semi mounts, gemstones from my mom, and DJ got me a Chia Cat. Woohoo! Oh and a lovely poinsettia from a dear friend of mine. I have never had one, so I hope I don't kill it. I did put it out on the porch, because my house just does not get enough sun inside, this is on purpose by the way.

Check out my jewelry blog if you want to see the semi mounts with gemstones in them. In another words the finished product.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Festival Of Lights At Stephen Foster State Park

Well, it is Christmas Eve, and I would like to share a few things with you before I sign off for this blessed holiday. I hope everyone is ready and safely where they need to be.

First I would like to make a mention to the Trenton Fire and Rescue. This is a small unit, but they do all kinds of wonderful things for the community. Monday night they mounted Santa to the front of the fire engine, and painstakingly went up and down each town road handing out candy canes. I wanted a picture, but they were taking them, so I hope to get one soon. It should be pretty funny because Caitlin is scared of Santa, and DJ practically had to rope tie her to do it, LOL!

Next, and if you are ever in the area, stop by the Stephen Foster State Park Festival of Lights. This is not the light exhibit we were going to go to, but it was recommended to us, so we did. First we had Chinese food at the Fuking restaurant. It was good and sort of fancy too. Then we were off to White Springs for the lights. We thought it was just a drive through light exhibit, but you could drive, walk and even ride the horse drawn carriage. We did the carriage ride, plus walk. It was a bit more expensive than the wagon ride, but hey we are worth it. DJ took over 350 pictures plus the ones I took. He is becoming quite the fanatic, lol! It was warm and lovely and from the previous pictures you can see it snowed, not really lol! The museum was lovely, and I hope to get to visit again when I can really look around. It is a nice little state park.

We are on Christmas break until Jan 5th, and for that I am happy. I have grading and report cards to do.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas. Stay safe, and be happy.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Painting On Pine Cones

Yesterday, was our first official painting class since Thanksgiving. My mom, the art teacher, was busy with puppies and we were busy with holiday fun. So we painted on pine cones yesterday.

It was a free type of lesson, with emphasis on blending and creativity for this assignment. These are large pine cones and it was quite a lengthy project. We still have several left, which I will store for next year. These make lovely table decor.

We have been doing half days of lessons, since most kids are on Christmas break. DJ started Spanish with FLVS, and will work on that over the break, and Caitlin will continue with at least one cycle of Head of the Class.

Tomorrow I will share the pictures from the Festival of Lights, from Tuesday night. Have a great day.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

Last Christmas Party For The Year

Today was our fourth, and last, Christmas party for the year. It was our Homeschool group party and paint class. A gentleman who is an art teacher, volunteered to teach the kids to paint on crushed paint cans. This was interesting and fun. The kids each painted three cans, and I am going to attempt to make them into ornaments. The object of the project was to draw silly and goofy things on the can, with big and bold sizes and colors. It was fun, and we had a great time, plus it is recycling the cans for a useful project. All in all a great day. I am ready for vacation now.

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