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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Photography Challenge: Grass

So, this time, Caitlin got a better picture than me. I don't find grass all that inspiring, I guess. She managed to get the dog to look cute lying in the grass. She has a knack with dogs. Maybe she should look into working with dogs. Next week our challenge is, smiles. I guess that could be interpreted any number of ways. Things that make you smile, a smile on a face. I think I will have her go with a smile on a face. My son's last day, of his first year of college, is today. Boy did this year fly by. My youngest will be in grade 10 next year, OMG! I am starting searching for curriculum now, and will be sharing my choices soon.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Photography Challenge: Sky

So, I am a little late posting these, lol.  Next week's topic is grass.  I still have not wrapped my head around how I am going to make grass look interesting, but I am up for the challenge.  Caitlin is still  not feeling this all that much.  I am hoping she will get more into it.  The night sky image is mine, and she took the daytime image.  I love to watch the clouds, and at night the moon.  There is just something mysterious about it to me. 

Monday, April 1, 2019

Photography Challenge: Flowers

This is a new series I have gotten Caitlin and myself doing.  It is not meant to make either of us a master photographer, but rather to get her interested in the outdoors.  So, on our walks, we both get a new thing to try to photograph.  This week was pretty easy, flowers, and next week is clouds.  The challenge does get a bit more challenging after that. 

We have finished up our 3rd semester of the 9th grade, and she is doing really well.  Aleks is working wonders for her Math.  I have started testing her on Language Arts, and I am pleased and satisfied at how well she is doing.  French is a work in progress, but I found a cool podcast for French next year.  I am already listening, and learning.  Science, and History, well I don't think she will ever love those.  Right now we are watching the Hatfields and McCoys on Netflix.  I know I went backwards but it is such a great series, and so much conversation can come out of it.  We will start WW2 after, and yes there is a ton of discussion topics for that as well. 

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