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Monday, September 30, 2013

A Day Filled With Art

Monday is usually Art Day, here at Melissa's Homeschool, and today was no different. The kids did all their regular school work, and we do Art in the evening. My husband was just promoted to Assistant Chief, at the fire dept. So that is exciting, and great for him. We are very proud of him. My job is getting on my last nerve, but that really is not a whole lot of anything new. Caitlin finished reading, Sunset of the Sabertooth. One of the activities she had to do, to finish out the activity was to draw a picture that really stuck out in her mind. So she drew a Sabertooth tiger on a rock. This is a Magic Tree House Book, and she really loved it. She is doing, Dolphins at Daybreak next. I really like the worksheet she had for the last one, but if she didn't we will move on to a different book review format. Basically the one I liked has a chapter review at the end of each chapter. She has to name the main idea of the chapter, then the supporting events that support the Main Idea. I think I am going to continue with that. Then at the end of the book, she has to draw a picture of an event from the book. This is a nice way to ease her into book reports.

DJ is studying the Middle Ages, for History, so he went on a virtual tour of a castle, and then had to draw a sketch of it. You can see the beginnings of his sketch. I will share the completed picture, when it is done.

We are up to our third bird in our Art class. DJ really does not like to paint, so I let him switch to drawing with colored pencils. This is his preference. Caitlin made her Ruby throated Hummingbird over water with a small flower. Mine is very fat, lol. Caitlin said maybe it is going to have a baby. I reminded her that in the bird world, the boys are pretty. So, he is just chubby. At first I was very disappointed with the flowers, but as I started to look at my paintings in more of a geometric shape way, I got them more how I wanted them to look. They are bigger than I wanted, but all in all I am pleased. I will try it again, with everything just a bit smaller. Next week DJ wants to do the Swallow Tail Kite. So, that is what we shall do. To see my first canvas painting, visit my other blog, Melissas Jewwely and Gems. My paintings are available to purchase in my Etsy shop. Some I give as gifts too.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Earth Kids: Leafy Sea Dragom

Friday was our Earth Kids Meeting. We were meeting bi-monthly, but for now meetings will be once a month, on a Friday. There are several reasons for needing to do this. If it becomes feasible to go back to bi-monthly we will.

This time around, the kids learned about the Leafy Sea Dragon. The Leafy Sea Dragon is found only in Southern Australia. There are very strict laws about catching or hunting them. There are several aquariums that have been allowed to have them. They are related to Seahorses, but they don't have the tail that allows them to curl around plants and hang on. They have leafy appendages to help them camouflage themselves. The Leafy Sea Dragon is a perfect animal to teach camouflage to kids.We made a Leafy Sea Dragon pizza.  If you thin your dough out more, because it rises and swells when baked, it will look a little more realistic than ours.  We used lettuce tears to make the leafy appendages.  One of the kids, and I each made a Seahorse wire and pearl piece.  Mine will become a Christmas ornament, and I am not sure what she will decide to do with hers.  The two little ones did a coloring page, and DJ is working on a drawing.

Australia for Kids

About Leafy Sea Dragons

Friday, September 27, 2013

Robinson Crusoe Audio Book

If you have children that like to listen to audio books, then today's freebie is perfect.  It is a Robinson Crusoe mp3 audio book.  My kids hate listening to books, so this is not one we will use.  I hope many others will find it very useful though.  Just click the link to visit the website, to obtain your freebie. 

Today is our Earth Kids meeting, and we continue studying Oceans and the creatures that live there.  I will post all the links, and pictures of the projects we do, after the meeting is completed.  I told the kids today, I am switching the meetings to only once a month, rather than twice.  They are not super happy about that, but there are several good reasons to do it.  As with all classes, done during school hours, there is a reading, math and geography lesson, centered around the Leafy Sea Dragon, oh and art too.  I am making a pizza in the shape of a Leafy Sea Dragon.  You will have to come back to see how it comes out.  I have never done one like this before.  I figure we are going to eat it anyways, so if I mess it up no big deal.  I found a cake also, but that looked way complicated.

I love all the Scholastic products, and am considering trying the book below with my daughter next year, for fifth grade. I do have the Saxon book I can use, that my son used, but will have to see.

Lesson Snips, a website I have used a lot in my years of homeschooling, is both a paid and free website. You sign up, and then pick if you want free, or paid. I recommend the free. I had the paid, but was not happy with it for many reasons. You get a lot of stuff for free. Check it out, and they have all subjects, and all grades.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Teaching the Alphabet

My kids already know the alphabet, but today at homeschoolfreebieoftheday, they have a very cool set of activities for teaching the alphabet.  35 as a matter of fact.  This particular freebie is available only for today, so be sure to get it if you want it. 

We had a much more peaceful day yesterday, than the previous.  Kids are progressing nicely with their lessons, and we are even a bit ahead.  I like to be ahead so when we get to the holidays, and all kinds of activities are going on, we won't fall behind. 

Caitlin finished Charlotte's Web, and if anyone wants their child to read it, but don't want to buy it and library not available, there is an app in the Google app store for the book.  You can read it right on your phone, or tablet.  That is what we did.  She has now moved onto a Magic Tree House Book, Sunset of the Sabertooth.  DJ loved these books, and I am glad I saved them.  Their website is awesome, with a great game the kids can play.  I found two different activities to help her remember key events in the story.  You can click here and here, to use them.  I hope I can find these for all the books.  The Scholastic website also has activities for the books, but just wasn't what I was looking for at this time. 

DJ continues with The Outsiders, and is really enjoying it.  This is a ninth grade level reader, so he is a grade ahead with reading.  He is working his way through the lessons that go with it.  He is a very strong reader, and writer, but frequently ignores the rules of grammar. 

Most of the resources, I both use and share, are usually free.  I do throw in some stuff that is paid for, that I would purchase myself, or will purchase in the future.  I try to remember to post something for all grade levels, not just the grades my kids are in.  At the bottom of this blog is my Amazon Homeschool store.  I do earn a very small percent of each item sold.  Very small, lol!  I have never even made payout yet. 

Today, we have Run Club, finally stopped raining, and tomorrow Earth Kids.  They will be doing activities for the Leafy Seadragon.  One of my favorite animals, or is it a fish?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Homeschool Freebies

I was so upset about the events that happened earlier, that I forgot I wanted to start sharing some cool free stuff. I have so many websites I have saved, and used over the years, plus others I find all the time. It might be nice to start sharing some of them each day. I do share the ones we are currently using, but very often forgot about ones used in the past, or ones I have saved for the future. One of my favorite websites is Homeschool Freebie of the Day. Now I don't always take what they are offering, for various reasons, but other times I find something really cool. Today they are offering an audio mp3 clip from the Mayflower. There were radio reporters at the dock, when the Mayflower was getting ready to head to the New World. Listen to the accounts, and drama, of whether they would really get to sail that day or not. I can not wait to have my kids listen to this. Just click the link, highlighted to go there. I hope you still have time to get it.

For anyone trying to teach your child to read, you know how frustrating it can be.  I had to try different things with my daughter before she got it.  Check out the interactive book below, it is free today, so check to be sure it is still free when you purchase.  Or if you really want it you could just buy it.  We are very frugal and always looking for affordable or free, good learning material.  For two kids, I don't spend more than 100 dollars and that is a stretch.  My son will be in High School next year, so that may change.

If you want to browse my Amazon Homeschool store, it is at the bottom of this blog. Click on the Arts and Crafts link to get all items to load. It was weird setting it up, and is not exactly how I want it. Will work on that.

Be Responsible, Have Your Pets Spayed or Neutered!!!!!!

This is my new soap box issue.  Some people may not like this post, but I don't much care.  At first I was sad and upset, now I am just plain angry.  What happened today, and my kids had to witness, should have never happened if people were responsible for their own pets!  You take them, you are responsible for them.  That means any kittens or puppies they have.  Honestly, there should be laws, that if you give puppies away, because you didn't have them fixed, then you should have the whole litter fixed at your expense before getting rid of them.  Period, that is how it should be.  If you are not smart enough to know to do it yourself then the law should make you.

Since last week, I have been shooing kittens, and the mother cat, out of my backyard.  The backyard is where my two dogs play and run.  It is fenced, and it is their domain.  Because, I obviously do not want any harm to come to the cat and its kittens, I always check first before I let the dogs out.  The mother and most of the kittens, got the idea.  One kitten, however, would not leave.  Everyday I shoo it out of the yard.  It is not friendly and mostly comes out at night, so I can hardly see it.  I am also very allergic.  It scratched me and my hand blew up.  Last night I finally coaxed it into a pet carrier and took it to the front porch where it would at least be warm and safe.  Gave it some food, and told it good night.  I noticed it appeared to walk funny, and possibly only had three paws.  Because, it is always dark, and it is scared of me, I was unsure.  This morning, when I went to check on it, it had escaped from the pet carrier and was sitting on top of it looking at me.  The mother cat never did return for it any of these four or five days.  So, I guessed I would be caring for it.  This is not the first time, strays have had kittens and left them in my yard, the front yard, or cars just stopped and dropped kittens out of their car.  It is a huge problem here.  Matter of fact a year or two ago a grey kitten just came out of nowhere, no other kittens, no mother cat.  We called the local shelter and they said we could drop it off for 25 dollars.  What?  It wasn't even my kitten.  They said everyone says that.  So, I had to pay 25 dollars for a kitten that was not even mine.  Anyway this morning we went out for our Run Club.  The kitten was on the front porch when we left, and when we returned.  I thought good, at least it will stay out of the back yard.  A couple hours later it was gone.  Caitlin checked the back yard and porch and it was not there, or so she thought.  She let the dogs out and it was in a corner where she didn''t see it.  Before I could stop them, the little dog had it and shook it to death.  It was very traumatizing to us.  The kids said their goodbyes and we buried it.  I know now the mother cat most likely abandoned it because it had a mangled back leg that was infected.  I don't know how it got it, but I know it wasn't from my dogs because I am always out there with them.  Caitlin felt like it was her fault, and cried for a good long time.  DJ was upset the dog wouldn't listen to him when he said stop.  Needles to say the little dog, which grabbed the kitten, got a good scrubbing and mouth cleaning, even though she did not actually puncture the kitten just shook it.   The kids were mad at the dogs at first, but they realize the dog was protecting their turf.  I do however think more command training is in order for them both.  They need to listen better.  We never let them out front, where there is not a fence, and are only walked with a harness and leash.

I just feel so awful.  This all could have been avoided if the owner of the mother cat, who has had about ten litters of kittens I might add, just had her fixed.  I am so angry at them right now.  Please, have your pets spayed and neutered.  It is not hard to tell when an animal is in heat.  It is your responsibility to everything in your power to make sure they don't become pregnant, and if they do YOU have to be responsible for their offspring.  Needless to say, we did not get a full day of book lessons in, but got lots of Reality of Life, and Irresponsible Pet Owner learning done.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Painting Birds with Acrylics

Our Art class is on Mondays, after dinner, because it is just too hard to fit it in during school hours. We continue to work our way through the Audubon Bird Book. Today we painted Mourning Doves. We have Mourning Doves in our yard, and they make the nicest cooing noises. Mourning Doves forage on the ground and are fast flyers. The White Peacock, is obviously not a Mourning Dove. I did that one also. I have a friend that loves the White Peacock. I wanted to see how it came out first, before I put it on canvas. I have two canvas, and have not ever painted on canvas. Both of them will be gifts, so wish me luck with that. I have so many things I want to paint, with not a lot of time. Both kids decided to have their mourning dove sitting on a rock. I am trying to get them to realize how much nicer the painting looks when you do the background first. They still grumble, lol. My Mourning Dove, I decided to have in flight. I love that shot, and it reminds me a lot of inspirational images and quotes that encourage you to fly or free yourself. Mine will be available to purchase in my Etsy store. Next Monday, is the Ruby Throated Hummingbird. Ooh la la can't wait for that.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kids and Space and Spiders

I didn't get these up yesterday, because we didn't get to them yesterday, lol! We finished up another great school week. Normally we would do school tomorrow, but DJ and my husband need to be at the church at noon for a camping trip. DJ is very excited.

So, Caitlin is watching some space videos on The Magic School Bus series. Then, I found the most awesome website called, Planets for Kids. This website is so cool, and I plan on Caitlin using it repeatedly. Today, she drew the sun, and all the planets, in the order they are. She really likes this type of learning, so it works very well for her. She just finished reading Charlotte's Web, this week and there are still a few more cute activities I want her to do, before she moves onto The Boxcar Children, next. Today, she had to look up two different spiders, draw them, and then tell me about them. As I stated, I am slowly working her into more writing activities. So eventually she will have to write them out rather than tell me.

DJ continues to do well with all his studies. He is still learning about the Atmosphere for Science, The Middle Ages for History, 8th grade Math, and 9th grade Language Arts. He also is continuing to write his very first book. That is so exciting, but a long process. I don't think I could ever write a book. I am too scatter brained.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Wipeout is actually one of my ring tones on my phone. DJ thinks it is funny. Today right when we started our Run Club, DJ decided to run backwards real fast. He then tripped did some loopy loo in the air and landed right on his forearm. He was in quite a bit of pain and dizzy. So our friend had her car, and gave us a ride home. I iced it and elevated, and he felt a lot better. No swelling, or bruising so no fracture. He was sure he wouldn't be able to do Math, lol! He did Math, trust me.

Lesson Pathways is now working again. So Caitlin can continue with her Language Arts, but only some of the books, then I am switching to Magic Tree House. She will continue Science on The Magic School Bus, and History will be on Lesson Pathways. The only thing DJ uses the pathways for is The Middle Ages, which he is thoroughly enjoying learning. He did some a couple years ago, but is getting into it now a lot.

Tomorrow Caitlin will be doing a Space activity, so be sure to watch for that.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Irritation Today

I had posted on day three, how I had an almost meltdown due to Lesson Pathways no working correctly.  I got it fixed, but now you can not get on their website at all.  People are complaining on their Facebook page, and only one admin has said they will look at it.  No updates, no nothing.  So, since I have no patience for this type of stuff, I spent the day going back through my resources to find more curriculum choices for Caitlin.  DJ's is basically OK.  He was using Lesson Pathways for History, but he is doing Vikings and the Middle Ages, so it is not a problem finding resources for him.  He is currently doing a blog post on Vikings, it is pretty funny, you should check it out at Through the Eyes of DJ. 

Caitlin will switch to Unit Studies that I already have saved for History, and Magic Tree House books for history as well.  She will now be doing the Magic School Bus series, and activities for Science, and Teachnology, ABCya and Internets4 the classroom for Language Arts.  Reading will go as I see fit. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Need Something Fun To Do This Weekend?

The 3rd annual Monarch Butterfly Festival is tomorrow, Sept 14th from 10-2 in Earleton, FL. If you are going from Gainesville it is straight up 26. You really can not miss it. They will be doing a butterfly tag and release, education, tours, and of course food, games, craft vendors and music. Come on out and join in the fun. It is only 5 dollars for admission.

At the bottom of this blog is my new Amazon Homeschool Store. Be sure to check it out if you need some Arts and Craft supplies or homeschool textbooks.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

First Day of New Run Club Year

After taking the Summer off, our Run/Walk Club started back up this morning.  There was not a whole lot of running, lol.  Most of us walked, with the kids running a little bit.  It is still quite warm this time of year, and the kids and I were more than happy to jump in the pool when we returned home.  We do Run Club twice a week.  On those days our schedule changes just a little bit. 

They both do Science and History for 30 min before we leave for Run Club.  Caitlin skips Language Arts, and DJ makes his up after lunch.  Then Math after lunch with Spelling and Vocab.  This worked real well doing it this way today, so I don't see any issues in getting behind with our school work.  Because I make classes one hour long, when most public school classes are forty minutes, it makes up for the days that the lessons are shorter at the end of the year. 

Tomorrow is a full day, with testing on material learned.  We probably will get done a little early, which is always nice. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ocean Theme Cake

Today was the first day of our second year of Earth Kids. We are learning about Oceans this year, and to celebrate I made the ocean cake shown below. Because it is still quite hot here, in the middle of the day, I froze the cake, then frosted it right before we left. We walked first, then the cake was just nice and thawed, ready to eat. The blue frosting and fish sprinkles were bought together in the baking aisle at Walmart. Tomorrow back to regular lessons.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Animal Adaptations, Ancient Farms, and Setting of A Story

We have discovered that we can not fit Art class into our regular school hours. So, the kids and I have decided to do Art class on Mondays when my husband has his firehouse meeting. I would paint during this time normally, so doing Art class with them just makes sense.

Today Caitlin finished up her lessons on Hunter/Gatherers, and Animal Adaptations. For her Hunter/Gatherer assignment she had to draw what an Ancient farm would look like compared to a modern farm. She also had to discuss with me the differences between farming back then, and farming now. Key points I wanted her to remember were, in Ancient times they had to move their villages according to weather and plants and animals available for food; houses were not permanent but able to be taken down and moved quickly; they ate what they hunted or fished; the women went out and gathered berries and nuts for food; when they started farming villages they planted their crops to harvest and raised farm animals such as goats, cows, chickens and sheep for their food and clothing needs. Plus, they did not have the tools we have now, on farms. This was a good lesson for her.

For Animal Adaptations she had to draw an animal in camouflage. She decided on a tiger, and how the stripes of the tiger help it camouflage itself in the tall grass, not from predators but from their prey.

Last but not least, Caitlin is reading, Charlotte's Web. She finished reading through to chapter six today, and we discussed the setting of stories. She identified that the setting of Charlotte's Web was a farm. So, yes you guessed it, she had to draw Wilbur and his farm. Since Caitlin does not quite write that well yet, rather than torturing her, I used Art and other methods for her to slide into her writing skills. Last week she did quite a bit, so I give her a break this week. Because when she writes, I make corrections, and then she has to rewrite it correctly, this can be a long process. But, it works. Of course she did Math and Spelling/Vocab as well.

DJ did his full scale of lessons today as well. He is still on the Atmosphere in his Earth Science book, and he just started his Viking lessons for The Middle Ages. He is up to Exponents and Expressions of numbers in Math. He is still reading The Outsiders.

Tomorrow is our first Earth Kids meeting of the new year.

First Grade Homeschool Supplemental Curriculum

This is a post for a friend who is just beginning to homeschool.  Since I remember how overwhelming it was, when I began, I decided to help her on her way.  I titled this as supplemental because she already has some books, and workbooks, and needed some fun ways to teach.  I have to say the younger years, up to say grade 5, are fun to teach and fun for the kids to learn.  Or at least it should be.  The new Common Core standards, which I am not saying I am against, really put a lot of strain on kids to learn harder material a lot younger.  I think this is going to be a failed process, because not all kids can learn harder material at such a young age. 

Renee, when you look at the first link, it is just a basic curriculum for first grade.  Click on each subject to see what Eric would generally learn for that grade. Don't worry about all the other stuff on the page, for now.    You can add or delete as you see fit.  The links provided are some of the best, and I have used myself.  There are tons more, but can be overwhelming to decide.  History and Science, in first grade, is not as important as say Reading, Writing and Math, but can add some fun to the school day.  If you have Netflix, Liberty Kids, and The Magic School Bus can both be viewed on there.  Kids love these series, and learn so much from just watching the show.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Pig Slop!

As I mentioned in a previous post, Caitlin is reading, Charlotte's Web right now. One of my all time favorite books ever. One of the activities, you could choose to do, was make Pig Slop. You know Wilbur was a pig, and pigs will eat anything. You just throw it all in their trough and they eat it. Slop, that is what it is called. There were several variations as to how you could make your own Pig Slop. But, since I wanted Caitlin to actually eat it we decided on vanilla pudding, Reeses Pieces, Reeses Peanut Butter cups, and chocolate fudge cookies. I have to tell you to be smarter than me, and dump the pudding onto a plate. Getting all that crumbled stuff in that little cup was not easy. It was delicious though. I love Pig Slop! Get reading Charlotte's Web with your kids, and make some Pig Slop too.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Meltdown on Day 3

After thinking I was having a perfect start to the homeschool year, I was rudely awakened first thing this morning.  Most of Caitlin's fourth grade curriculum is being done on Lesson Pathways.  I love the curriculum, and so does she.  So, when I could not log in this morning, at all, couldn't do anything, I started to have a melt down.  Last year I lost The Head of the Class 80% through the school year.  I had to scramble to find something else.  I was having images of this again.  But, before I had a full meltdown, my brain took over and said check their Facebook page and see if others are having issues too.  Yes, there were others.  Seems that when your computer, ie Windows, updates itself, some websites become incompatible with the new version.  If you go to tools and click on compatibility it will work fine.  And it did!  So, the rest of the day went smooth, and we even finished ahead.  So that tomorrow we just have grocery shopping and Art class.  Yay!

My husband was doing a CPR class this evening, and DJ has a County Council meeting for 4H, so I wanted to make dinner early to be sure everyone didn't go to meetings hungry.  When I opened the cupboard, to remove a pan, to my surprise everything was wet.  Now I have ears of steel.  If there was water dripping I would have heard it, trust me.  I heard nothing all day, and there was no TV or music on.  Anyway it is fixed, and didn't cause too much damage, thank goodness.  This is what happens when you buy an older home.  Thank goodness if we are gone it is not for long periods of time, usually.  If we ever have a leak when we are on one of our day trips, oh my I don't even want to think about the damage.  I think we will just start turning off the water, lol. 

Anyway it is the end of the school week.  Our Art projects will be on Audubon Birds.  We are painting one each week, and the kids will do some research and a small written assignment.  Caitlin does not know that yet, lol!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Muslims, Christians and Barbarians

We have had an awesome start to the homeschool year.  DJ is studying the Middle Ages, and will round out his first lesson pathway tomorrow, with a Venn Diagram and a writing assignment on his blog, about the Muslims, Christians and Barbarians.  He has not been able to do any blog writing in a real long time.  That is the beauty of no longer using FLVS, lessons do not take three hours a day to complete.  For his Earth Science lesson, he moved onto the Troposphere, which that chapter should be complete tomorrow.  For Math he got a 75 on the adding and subtracting positive and negative number chapter.  This was an awful chapter when we did FLVS.  It took him two lessons to get through it, and is very happy with a 75 on this particular topic.  Not all the Math lessons have a test with them.  So, I will have to make Math tests for him each week.  He has completed four chapters in the Math book already this week.  If it seems like we are ahead, we are, which is good because next week Earth Kids begins, and so does Run Club.  Both of these activities are during school hours, so we need to keep on track.  DJ finished the first week of Language Arts and will have a Grammar test tomorrow.  He is reading, The Outsiders. 

Caitlin's pathways do not take as long as DJ's, so she has whizzed right through hers.  She started a unit study on Fall/Autumn to use up time for her History class.  For Science today she did renewable resources, which we have covered in the past, and for History she did Archaeology.  Again a topic we have covered.  She has an Archaeology unit study for in the future.  A couple years ago she buried a lunchbox with some of her toys in the backyard.  She forgot about it until the dog dug it up a few weeks ago.  She was so excited to see what was in it.  I guess the dog is an Archaeologist.  She is doing excellent on Spelling, one of her weakest areas.  I highly recommend AAAspell  it is awesome and free.  They use it for spelling and vocabulary.  DJ spells awesome but needs to enhance his vocabulary.  For Language Arts Caitlin is reading, Charlotte's Web with related activities.  Today, she had to write a short story about a spider using certain words.  Writing is another area she needs improvement, so that is good for her to be doing.  To round it out Math.  Caitlin does quite well in Math once she relaxes and just does it.  I am really pushing the Math with her, for some harder Math topics. 

Well that is the end of our school day.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Day of Homeschool 2013/2014

Today was our first day of the 2013/2014 Homeschool year. DJ is in the 8th grade and Caitlin is in the 4th grade. After much thought, soul searching, and searching for curriculum I finally decided on the lessons we would use. Because, last year I kind of was lazy, and used FLVS a lot for DJ, which he really did not enjoy at all, I wanted to make a change. I want my kids to enjoy learning and the way that they learn. That is one of the reasons I decided to homeschool. So, after an awesome day, with no complaints on lessons, I think I have found the right set of curriculum. We also made a schedule, for Mon-Thurs lessons. Now, this will change here and there, due to Run Club and Earth Kids, but hopefully we will be able to keep it on track. All chores will now be done on the weekend, as opposed to every Monday morning. I made each class 60 min in length, to make enough time for each lesson to be completed. Each lesson plan subject is meant to be covered in a week. For Caitlin some of these are only a day. She will be able to make up a lot of time in History and Language Arts this way. Because Caitlin's lesson in History, was on timelines, we made a homeschool day timeline, shown below. For Language Arts, Caitlin read a poem about dreams, then she drew a dream picture, also shown below.


Science: CK 12 Earth Science 60 minutes
History: Lesson Pathways Medieval Times 60 minutes
Language Arts: Open High School of Utah Grade 9 reading The Outsiders 60 minutes
Math: CK 12 Arithmetic 60 minutes
Spelling/Vocab: AAA Spell 30 minutes
Spanish: 123 Teach Me 30 minutes


Science: Lesson Pathways Beavers 60 Minutes
History: Lesson Pathways Timelines 60 minutes
Language Arts: Lesson Pathways 4th grade 60 minutes
Math: Saxon 3 and Daily Math Warm Up 60 minutes
Spelling/Vocab: AAA Spell 30 minutes
Spanish: 123 Teach Me 30 minutes

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