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Thursday, October 31, 2013


Next week is the last week of our first quarter of school.  That means review and test to see what was learned and what was not.  Of course I prefer online quizzes, if possible, to save on printing ink.  I hate buying ink all the time.  While I was browsing around looking for online quizzes, to suit what I need to test on, I came across Quizlet.  I actually think I had found this site before, but it was still in development and was not working real well.  I checked it out and it is quite an awesome little site.  Not just for quizzing but for learning and studying.  I like it, and plan on using it a lot in the future.  Check it out.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halfway Through the School Week

We are halfway through week nine of our school year.  You know what that means, right?  Next week is our last week of the first quarter.  One quarter out of the way already.  This is when I do report cards, and evaluate the lesson plans and curriculum we are currently using.  I honestly am not thinking anything needs to be changed, however for Caitlin I might be adding more stuff to hers.  She has progressed so nicely with her writing that I might push her just a bit more. 

So, what have we been up to this week?  Monday, while the kids did Science and History, I conquered one set of shrubs out front.  They really do need to be trimmed and cut back at least twice a year, or they just become a massive mess.  I always check for bird's nests and other critters that might be living in there, first.  We do have lizards that take cover in there, but there are lots of places they can do this safely besides the shrubs.  It is hard work, and I was plenty tired.  Since Caitlin is studying Simple Machines, in Science right now, I told the kids to come up with as easier way to move the trimmings to the fire pit using equipment we already had.  One of them held the wheelbarrow in the upright position while the other filled it with a rake and shovel.  Then after setting the wheelbarrow back down they pushed and then dumped them into the burn pit.  A simple machine that made their job much easier and faster. 

Since I have allergies, I should have known better than to play in dirt, leaves and shrubs for such a long time, as by Tuesday my head was congested and working towards my chest.  I guess I never learn, since I plan on doing the rest of the shrubs soon.  We did get in Run Club despite my tight chest. 

DJ's Language Arts class is working towards the quarter final next week.  I am making up his final exam myself, since we don't have access to that exam.  He read The Outsiders, and he has to do a book report in 300 words or less using proper punctuation, spelling, grammar and paragraph structure.. This is a challenge for him since he likes to write way more than is necessary.

Today, I didn't accomplish much, the phone has a funny way of sucking up my time, but the kids did awesome.  Pictured below are their Stellar Sea Eagle art work from Monday.  No extra things this week, as I have to work this weekend, but next week is another busy one planned.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pumpkins, Festivals, Gardens, and Choirs OH MY!

It has been another crazy busy weekend, but so much fun. This is my second weekend off of my new schedule and so far we have been getting a lot of fun stuff in that we normally could not do. It was freezing Saturday morning. So, in preparation for my new tire garden I am building, Caitlin and I headed out to start tearing down the shrubs where the new garden will be. It was hard work, but I was plenty warm when we were done. It still needs some more raking, and the rest of the tires are not here yet. Then, Caitlin had to make cupcakes for her bake sale at church Sunday. She chose teddy bear cupcakes, and she did most of the work herself. I just supervised. Then we went to a Fall Festival. We don't usually do Fall Festivals because they are always on the weekend, when I used to always work. The kids had a ball. They boys played some flag football, and the little ones played games for candy, bounce house fun, music and good friends and food of course. Today, was Caitlin's first choir singing opportunity. They have been practicing for a couple of months. She almost chickened out, but she did it, and we are so very proud. I didn't share the choir picture because other kids are in it, but you can see Caitlin in her pretty dress and fancy shoes, standing next to my awesomely huge Hibiscus Bush. I am tired now, but we still are hosting friends for dinner, so it isn't over yet. For now some relaxing and football are in order.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Angler Fish Upcycled Bird Feeder and Sandwiches

So, we made the bird feeders using recycled milk jugs. We were supposed to do four but one jug got forgotten at home. If you don't know what an Angler Fish looks like, they are a hideous scary fish that live in the deepest darkest depths of the ocean. They have a lure on the top of their head that glows to attract prey. So we took milk jugs, cleaned and dried them of course, and cut a really big mouth opening. Angler Fish have large appearing mouths with long sharp teeth. Since we wanted birds, or squirrels to come and eat from the feeder we opted to leave off the long spiky teeth. We did cut the top of the mouth with scissors in strips and colored them in black to appear to be sharp teeth. They spray painted the jugs with yellow or green spray paint. Then after they dried, they added googly eyes, the lure which is just a pipe cleaner and a puff ball glued to the end of it. The lure is held in place by cutting a small slit in the back of the jug sticking in the pipe cleaner and then bending it over to hold it in place. DJ added a goatee to his, but since he was in the shade you can't really see his very well. I forgot the worksheets I had printed out, but thankfully DJ is well aware of the Angler Fish and was able to lead the class without them. Due to the holiday in November, our next meeting is in two weeks, and we will be going on a fossil hunt. There are very specific rules for this, and I will share them in a future post.  Oh I almost forgot the sandwiches.  I used a biscuit cutter to make them round, added the chicken salad, then made the lure with a pepper and olive.  An olive makes the eye.  I tried to use shredded cheese to make teeth but it was the fine shredded rather than the thicker shredded cheese so it wouldn't work.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Beautiful Angler Fish!

Wow you would have to really have to believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder, for this scary fish.  Tomorrow is our Earth Kids meeting, and Faith chose the Angler Fish.  Below are links to the reading and worksheets we will be doing.  Because I could not find ocean theme math for the older kids, I used TLSbooks.  There is also a Geography page where they will be identifying what level of the ocean the Angler Fish would live in.  Do you know?  We also are doing an Angler Fish bird feeder using upcycled materials.  I will share those, and how we did it, after they have been completed. Oh, and I almost forgot, for lunch, I am making Angler Fish theme sandwiches.  I can not wait to see how these come out.  For such a hideous fish, they truly are fascinatingly unique.  It has been a good, and productive week, here at Melissa's Homeschool.  I am off this weekend, so we will be having some family fun.  Hopefully there will be pictures to share.

I am somewhat disappointed because I found some awesome sheets on Teacherspayteachers, that I could not print because I used pdf files not Microsoft Office.  Since I have no intentions of getting Microsoft Office, I am really glad I did not pay for something I could not use. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cherry Blossom Trees, Yellow Warbler and Geography

It was a long weekend of work, and then Monday was a busy blur. On Monday we grocery shop, then we did Art class. Monday evening was our 4H meeting. So, you can see, I didn't have time to blog. Caitlin is doing Ancient Chines Art this week, for History class. One of the assignments you could do was to paint a Cherry Blossom Tree. I love Cherry Blossom Trees. But, they will not grow here in the warmth and humidity of Florida. Since we have been painting birds for weeks, I decided on the Yellow Warbler to add to the Cherry Blossom Tree. You can see the results below. DJ did not put his in a tree, and since it was not his History assignment, I let it slide. He will be doing more art work this week for Medieval Times. I try to do a matching candle jar for each painting. I had run out of jars, so not all of them got one. This one did and I really can not wait to see it lit up with a candle. My kids hate painting on glass, so I don't force that issue.

We are supposed to go to Run Club today, but it looks like rain will make that impossible. I posted the other day the popsicle stick game for learning Geography and the States. I have decided to make virtual tours for each state, to go with it. This is a long process, and I only have two states done. Since we won't be starting until after the Christmas break, I have plenty of time to finish it. It will be saved to my Pinterest board, and I will share the link when it is completed.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween Books for Kids

We finished off another awesome week of homeschooling. The kids are racking up miles for the 5 Points of Life Relay for Kids, and should have the paper filled up soon. I work this weekend, and next week is another busy week with Archery, 4H, Earth Kids, Church and of course Run Club. Anyone who says homeschooled children are not socialized apparently do not know what they are talking about. We are plenty socialized, good socialization not nonsense socialization. Below are some Halloween theme books your kiddos might enjoy reading. The first one appears to be free, so enjoy it while it is. Be sure to check the price before you complete check out. I have been nailed a couple of times with posts that offer free books, but not all are free and I did not pay attention. Some are worth paying for too, though. We love The Berenstein Bears, well at least my youngest does. My son prefers the scary stories. Remember that at the bottom of this blog is my Amazon Homeschool Store.  Look there for all your textbook, workbook and craft needs.  I will be scouring around for Halloween apps this weekend to share.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Learning the States the Fun Way

I saw on Pinterest where another homeschool mom made a sight word game using popsicle sticks. I was just talking to a friend the other day about Geography, the states, capitals and other generalized topics. I had stated how I felt we were ignoring learning the states and capitals, mainly because it is so boring. I have tons of popsicle sticks lying around. Mostly because we do a lot of crafts. I was going to throw them away, but then I decided to make a stick game with them. So, today, and this was way more time consuming than I expected, I took on the task of writing on 50 popsicle sticks. On one side I wrote the state and the abbv. for that state. On the other side, I wrote the year it became a state and the capital. Then I placed them in a clean pizza sauce jar with 50 states written on it. You can see the results in the image. Since we have a states wall map they will have to find the state and the capital. We probably won't start this until after the Christmas holiday. If I can squeeze it in sooner I will. You could do this daily, or weekly, however you want. It is a great memorization tool. You could do this for multiplication, skip counting, sight words, spelling, etc. Be creative with it. If your child is having a hard time learning something, or is just bored to death, try something different and new. That is the beauty of homeschooling. And popsicle sticks are cheap and you could recycle the container. Matter of fact you could go into a lesson about recycling at the beginning of using your new jar game. Huh think of that.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Teaching With the Arts

Well I forgot to take pictures, so I apologize. What do you consider to be the Arts? I consider music, cooking, drawing, painting, and writing to all be forms of Art. We use Art to learn a lot. It is my favorite way to teach. DJ especially likes to write. So he gets a lot of writing assignments. For example, right now, he is writing a blog post on becoming a knight. Unfortunately I should have put a word limit on his assignment, because he has been writing it for over a week now. I told him I would have to start doing that, and he was not happy at all. So, what do I do? I know in high school and college he is going to get assignments with word limits. I don't want to squash his creativity, but the assignment was not to write a short story. What would you do?

Caitlin has been learning about Ancient Civilizations, and is currently on China. Today, she got to make dinner, using foods that ancient Chinese may have eaten. Now we tweaked it a little bit, because I wanted everyone to eat. Of course you know rice is a huge staple of the Chinese diet. So, she made a version of fried rice, without too much frying. It had sauteed peppers and onions in it, and it was delicious. Garlic, salt and a little bit of sugar were the flavors she used. Then she made oven fried chicken using french fried onions as the coating. Again, normally I would put the chicken right in the rice, but no one will eat it this way, except me, I love it. I wish I had some baby corn to throw in there as well. To round it out she made a toss salad, which is not really a staple of a Chinese diet, but they do eat a lot of vegetables, mostly steamed. Since we don't eat hardly any fish, we didn't even attempt that. All in all she had a ball, and really thought she was a big girl getting to cut up everything, coat the chicken and run the oven.

Yesterday, for a Science experiment we put bread, an orange, and a apple slice into a ziploc bag and set it out in the sun. It will stay there until next week when we will inspect it. She is doing this to see what molds, fungi or other bacteria will grow. I might have her repeat it in the Winter to see that it takes longer to rot when it is cooler out.

That is our activities so far this week. We painted Cardinals this week, and if you would like to see it head over to Melissas Jewelry and Gems.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fun Times With Friends

Last night we had our constellation and moon viewing homeschool event. Not as many people were able to come, but the ones that did had a ball. I have to tell you, if you can purchase a really good pair of binoculars, they are easier to handle and they see just as good as a telescope. I will be looking for a pair for us. DJ actually broke the telescope off the tripod, because we don't usually use the tripod, lol. The telescope is fine though. They were amazed by the technology available on my phone to look at the moon's surface, and the constellations. This coming week, for Science, I am adding some moon lessons, just to expand on last night. DJ of course had to remind us that the moon does not glow, it is the sun shining on the surface that makes it bright. We had moon pizzas, with moon rocks, a moon phases painting craft, fire with smores, and the kids had a ball playing hide and seek in the dark. And the weather was perfect.

Friday, October 11, 2013

International Observe the Moon Night 2013

A few weeks ago, while searching for something else, I came upon the International Observe the Moon Night webpage. I was intrigued as to what it was, and checked it out. I found I could make my own event, in my own backyard, and have some fun doing it. I created it for our local Homeschool group. So, tomorrow night, October the 12 it will take place. It will be beautiful weather here in FL for such an activity, cool and clear. They have a ton of activities you can choose from to learn all about the moon, crafts and other activities. I have decided on a moon phases painting craft, moon pizzas, and of course viewing the moon. If you do not have a powerful telescope, we do not, there are a few apps to help you view the moon up close. I downloaded the constellation finder and the moon map. I wish they had made the event on the night of the full moon, but oh well it will still be a blast. I was contacted by a local reporter, about our event, and we were in an article featuring the Moon event. The kids were so excited. I hope to get some cool pictures to share on Sunday. Be sure to check the website for all their awesome educational activities. Next week, for school, we will be doing some of them for Science, just to learn more about the Moon.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Perfect Weather for Lawn Work

Even though we do mow all Summer, the weather yesterday and today, was perfect for raking leaves and doing some of the extras we don't do when it is too hot.  It was actually 59 last night, which kept the house cool most of the day, even though it got up to 85.  Tomorrow will be a repeat of the same.  So, we will be washing walls inside the house, and cleaning up the garage a bit. 

Since we have to also do school, I do a lot of this stuff during school hours by myself.  That is fine, the kids help when they can.  DJ learned to operate the riding mower today, so he is excited about that.  He has been using the push mower since the beginning of Summer.  Tomorrow will be Spelling, Vocabulary and Grammar tests.  DJ will be finishing up his Knight writing assignment, on his blog, and Caitlin will continue reading Dolphins at Sunrise with chapter reviews.  And of course Math.  Speaking of Math, DJ has been going along quite smoothly without any snags.  Until this week, lol.  He can not seem to catch on to Reciprocals.  No matter which way I explain it, he is still unsure.  He has been watching a video, but I think he might appreciate reading a bit more about it.  So, below are three resources that you can use, as well, when your kids get stuck on Reciprocals.  Last year, we used FLVS for Math, and it was awful.  Because, I believe that you should not move on to the next lesson when you do not understand the one you are on, which is what FLVS required, it just did not work for us.  This way he can go over it and over it until he gets it.  He almost got it all the way today.  We will see how it goes tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

5 Points of Life Kids Marathon and Art Class

We are in the process of training for the, 5 Points of Life Kids Marathon, sponsored by Life South.  This is a kid's marathon where you log the the miles you walk, or run, before the race.  The official log form is on their website.  Then the day of the marathon, you and your kids, walk or run the last mile of the marathon everyone together.  I like this, because my kids are young, and you can go on the marathon with them, the day of the event.  This just gives me a feeling of safety.  This is our first marathon, and is nice and mild.  Since two years ago, we have been increasing our outside exercise.  We first started with walking.  Then another homeschool family, and us, started a Run/Walk Club.  Two days a week, we either walk or run two miles each day.  So, we are clocking four miles a week.  Once the cold weather arrives, I am looking forward to mixing in some light jogging and even running, for me.  I am 44 years old, but my kids are young.  I believe exercise is what will keep me healthy and ready for whatever they throw my way.  Hop on over to their website and sign up.  It will take place in Gainesville, FL but check your area for similar events.

This evening we painted the Swallowtailed Kite.  A predatory bird that lives mostly in the South.  We see them only in the Summer months, and they are beautiful, majestic birds.   To see our art work, head over to my other blog.  Below is a video with different images of these beautiful birds.  Next week Caitlin has picked the Cardinal.  A personal favorite here at our house.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

An Interesting Day

Today was an interesting day for us.  Mostly because I worked the night shift on Fri and Sat, my new schedule, and didn't do school on Friday, and today we went grocery shopping, watched a National Geographic show on Pyramids, and then did Math.  That rounded out our school day.  Caitlin just finished learning about the pyramids, so the video was a nice supplement to that.  Tomorrow we are back to our normal school day routine.  We normally paint on Monday evenings, but we will be doing that tomorrow evening.  I am doing some special Halloween crafts this year, but it is raining out and can not get to them today either.

How was your Monday?

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Teach Your Homeschool Child To Read

 One of the scariest things, for me, when I started to homeschool my youngest was I had to teach her to read.  I had no confidence that I would be able to do this.  Actually, it has gone very well and she loves to read now in the 4th grade.  We used Hooked on Phonics, in Kindergarten, and I loved it.  I also used the sight word/picture identification method.  I like this method more than just sounding the word out phonetically.  Seeing what the word looks like, and hearing what it sounds like, is so much more effective than just Phonics.  A friend of mine is just now teaching her daughter to read.  I found this very nice, Four Reading Methods, article and thought it was very much on point with good techniques and tips.  I also have to say, my kids learned very well in the younger years by playing games.  Both of them played online games a lot and it proved very effective.  Below are some free reading online games.  If you have a new learning reader Starfall is amazing.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Science Books and N Florida Fair Entries

This week we had to get the kids 4H fair entries ready, for the N Florida Fair. This is our second year participating in this fair. The kids can enter quite a few items, in the Home Ec category. Each of my two both entered a painting and a photograph. You can see them below. We had a very productive school week and got a lot done. With my new work schedule we need to get ahead some weeks, to not get behind other weeks. So far, only first week, it has gone real well. DJ will be starting his Knight writing assignment on Monday and I can not wait to share that with all of you.

Below are some Science books for you to check out. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

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We Give Books and A Free Renaissance Lapbook

If your kids like lapbooks, mine are not crazy about them, then head over to get your free Renaissance Lapbook.  I cam on early today to be sure I shared this with you.  DJ will be going into the Renaissance after he finishes with the Middle Ages.  History is so interesting.  I really disliked it in school, but had the teachers taught using something other than just a textbook, maybe I would have enjoyed it more.  I love it now, and can't get enough of it.  Do your kids like History?

We Give Books, is a free online reading website with a twist.  Every book your child reads, the same book gets donated to a school or group in need of books for expanding literacy.  It is free, and my daughter loves to read books online.  We used it a lot over the Summer, and have sort of gotten away from it so far this school year.  I am going to try to remember to visit this site regularly.  Not many reading programs are free, so check it out, and if you look there are teaching resources for each book as well.  A wonderful resource for sure.  Oh and today is Jump Start Read for the Record.  Help them meet the digital online reading goal for today, October 3.

We had such a good week of school, that today and tomorrow will be very light.  Tomorrow my work hours change, so no school probably at all tomorrow.  Today, we have Run Club, then Spelling, Vocabulary and Language Arts tests in the afternoon.  We might get to squeeze in a National Geographic video on pyramids.  That will round out Caitlin's lessons on pyramids for the week.  I love Netflix, and Nat Geo both awesome resources and History Channel too.

I am stunned at how well DJ is moving along with Math.  He completed so many assignments this week, and with ease and good grades.  He is using CK12 Arithmetic this year, and the format is working wonderful for him.  It is all free too.  He is also using CK12 for Earth Science this year.  Check it out, it too is completely free to use.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Çastle Sketch, Bones and A Freebie

I forgot to share the Homeschool Freebie yesterday.  It was a good one too.  Hopefully they will repeat it.  If  you sign up at their website you can get notified of the freebie of the day.   Today's freebie is also a good one.  3 ebooks on learning to draw.  I took the nature one, and the one with the owl on the cover.  Because we paint, and my son prefers to draw, these are perfect for us.  Hop over to homeschool freebie of the day, and grab yours. 

Yesterday, DJ finished is castle sketch.  He took the virtual tour of Raglan Castle, then had to draw a sketch of it.  Today, he will continue learning about Knights, and how to become a Knight.  There is a whole, long, drawn out process you know.  Because he is older, I have to find more complicated projects for him to do, for each lesson.  He is not into Arts and Crafts anymore, at least not the ones his sister likes.  He will probably be doing a blog post on the process of becoming a knight, so watch for that to go up.

Caitlin has been studying different functions of the body, for Science.  Yesterday, she put together a boney skeleton, that is missing a foot, as you can see in the picture.  She asked if it was ok if it was a one footed skeleton?  LOL, I guess it doesn't much matter. You can find lots of free skeleton pages with a simple Bing search.  Today she is finishing up the Circulatory system, and visiting the Ocean on The Magic School Bus.  If you have Netflix, you can watch it right on there.  I love Netflix.  We use it all the time in our Homeschool Adventures.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

MPH Online

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