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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

African American History: Grade 11 0.5 Credit Elective

As I mentioned in my previous post, Caitlin has decided to take an African American History course as an elective in grade 11.  This will be a half a year course, and worth 0.5 credit.  Most of it will be reading, videos, and conversation topics.  I will most likely throw in a few writing topics.  I would really like to be able to visit the African American Museum in Washington, DC over the Christmas break, but with Covid I am not sure that will be feasible.  Below are the curriculum choices I have made.  Since it is a half-year course, I don't want to overload it.  I can always add more if I need to.  Feel free to follow what I have chosen, or add and subtract as you see fit.  Some of these are timelines, so you can pick as you want.  You will find images and advertisements about African Americans.  These are great writing topics or conversations to have, and why they are racist.  

We will be watching three film options.  Roots is also a good choice and if we get time I will probably throw that one in too.  Underground is a TV series from WGN.  It is also available on Hulu.  There are two seasons, with a third on the way.  13 is a movie on Netflix about the 13th Amendment.  This amendment alone can encompass a lot of discussion and class time.  Uncle Tom's Cabin is a movie from 1987.  The Youtube version below is not the greatest quality but it does bring the book to life.  We will definitely try to squeeze in the book, The New Jim Crow.  

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