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Friday, November 22, 2019

Fitness Friday: Spell Your Name Fun Homeschool PE

I found this fun spell your name Fitness graphic on Pinterest.  I thought it would be a fun, affordable way to add PE to homeschool classes.  The original graphic is from here.    I think this would be fun for adults too, especially just starting out and need an easy, affordable way to start exercising. 

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Monday, November 18, 2019

Make it Monday: Moon Phases Cookies

I found the original idea for this on Bloglovin.  I thought these were so super cute and easy.  I didn't want to use her image, though, so I found a Youtube video. Check out the one on Bloglovin too, and see how she did it.  It is different than the video.   My daughter does not like chocolate, so if we do this they will look a little different, lol.  Make it Monday!

Friday is the last day of our first quarter.  That went fast.  Yes, I say that every year. 

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Monday, November 11, 2019

American Government: Impeachment

As we continue with American Government studies, and with Impeachment a hot topic right now, this week for History we will be focusing on Impeachment.  The book below is a Citizen's Guide to the Impeachment Process.  There is also this resource, which is free.  I found some short, but good videos on Youtube as well.  We also will be watching the Joe Biden Town Hall, as well as recording the public impeachment hearings to watch next week.  Apparently, she has already been reading up on Impeachment, which surprised me because she says she hates History. 

She is still studying for a big Oceanography test next week.  I have added Language Arts from EP Homeschool to her curriculum.  It is laid out nicely, and if I am not available to help her she can just work through the days.  We will still do Quill, and independent reading as well.

There is no change to Math.  Next week will be the end of the first grading period. 

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Throwback Thursday: A New Adventure For Me Updated

Last year on December 4th, I launched my new Wordpress Health Coaching blog, Health Buddy Melissa.  I gave myself all of 2019 to learn all about starting a coaching business.  My blog has grown so much, and I have learned so much.  I am still waiting for my first coaching client, but there are so many other ways to make money with a blog.  I have not upgraded yet, my goal is the end of this year, to start making money in other ways.  If you would like to work with a Health Coach to be the healthiest and happiest you can be, visit and check out my available plans page.  If you would just like to check it out and see how much it has grown click here.  To see my original post, click here

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Whimsy on Wednesday: DIY Thanksgiving Crafts for Kid's Table

We don't have enough family here to worry about a kid's table.  But, when I was a kid there was and some of these would have been super fun at the kid's table when I was a kid.

Caitlin is studying for a big Oceanography test, which she will take right before Thanksgiving break.  I am adding Language Arts on EP Highschool to our Quil, and editing assignments.  I am really pushing Language Arts with her this year.  Her least favorite, and by far the class that needs the most work.  Our first quarter also ends when Thanksgiving break starts.

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Monday, November 4, 2019

Crochet Soap Cozy for OCC or Other Charity

Here come the holidays, ready or not.  Our church does OCC every year.  At the last minute, I decided to use up unused yarn from other projects to make soap covers.  I like the soap covers because the soap goes right in, and frees up space in the box.  My husband travelled a lot for work this year so I have 48 bars of smaller soaps.  So my goal is to make 24 soap covers with 2 bars per cover.  I have 10 more to go.  I can't find the pattern I have been using, but you can use this one.  Next month I will try making pillowcase dolls for next year.  I don't sew, so we will see how that goes. See one of my finished covers below.  These soap covers or cozies as some people call them are fast and easy, and a great service project for youth.  You can donate these to any charity you love.  I do recommend you add a bar of soap to the cozy before donating.

This week we move on to the 3rd Amendment and I will post sources for that later in the week.  All other classes are progressing along.  She will be studying for a huge Science exam now until test day which is the Friday before Thanksgiving.  Her knee is still hurting at times, so she is only walking twice a week right now.

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