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Monday, November 11, 2019

American Government: Impeachment

As we continue with American Government studies, and with Impeachment a hot topic right now, this week for History we will be focusing on Impeachment.  The book below is a Citizen's Guide to the Impeachment Process.  There is also this resource, which is free.  I found some short, but good videos on Youtube as well.  We also will be watching the Joe Biden Town Hall, as well as recording the public impeachment hearings to watch next week.  Apparently, she has already been reading up on Impeachment, which surprised me because she says she hates History. 

She is still studying for a big Oceanography test next week.  I have added Language Arts from EP Homeschool to her curriculum.  It is laid out nicely, and if I am not available to help her she can just work through the days.  We will still do Quill, and independent reading as well.

There is no change to Math.  Next week will be the end of the first grading period. 

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